Four Luxury Brands Release Their Cruise 2024 Collection

Find the perfect wardrobe for your vacation with these looks from the latest mid-season collections.

Fashion houses regularly release collections per season. The Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections showcase the quintessential design identity of different brands. But during the “off-season” for fashion, brands release different sets of design anthologies worn during the mid-season or between the aforementioned main collections. Fashion houses call mid-season collections Cruise Collections.

Cruise Collection is defined as the resort or holiday collections, as they are launched between the two main ready-to-wear seasons; Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. These collections are made with traveling and jet-setting in mind—creating clothes suited for clients who need a wardrobe for their mid-season travels to different climates. 

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This year, giant fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Chanel, and Gucci released their Cruise 2024 collections. Each brand presented its mid-season design intelligence through shows staged in different parts of the world. With that in mind, here are some eye-catching looks worth checking out in each brand’s cruise collections. 

Louis Vuitton

Spearheaded by its creative director Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton presented its Cruise 2024 Collection in Isola Bella on Lake Maggiore in Italy. The mid-season collection was filled with clothes that showcase the creative director’s mastery of fabric manipulation and textile creation. Dresses and gowns made of tule imitate the bloomed flowers and lush greenery of the setting.     

White and green dress from the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2024 Collection
White and green dress from/ Photo via Louis Vuitton website
Floral ensemble the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2024 Collection
Floral ensemble /Photo via Louis Vuitton website
Tule gown Louis Vuitton Cruise 2024 Collection
Tule gown /Photo via Louis Vuitton website

Christian Dior

For its Cruise 2024 Collection, Dior took a different approach. Staging the show in Mexico, Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior’s creative director for women’s wear, took inspiration from the country’s rich culture. The creative director describes Mexico as “a constellation of places that spark emotions.” The collection also took inspiration from amazing artists that are from the country, Frida Kahlo being one of them. Filled with flowy Mexican dresses and quintessential Dior silhouettes with traditional embroidery creates a sophisticated and solid collection.

Black dress with embroidery the Christian Dior Cruise 2024 Collection
Black dress with embroidery/Photo via Dior website
Black dress with white trims from the Christian Dior Cruise 2024 Collection
Black dress with white trims /Photo via Dior website
Ensembles from local Mexican textiles from the Christian Dior Cruise 2024 Collection
Ensembles from local Mexican textiles/Photo via Dior website


Virginie Viard, the creative director of Chanel, staged the brand’s Cruise 2024 Collection in the city of Angels, Los Angeles, California. The collection is paraded with looks that embody the multiple facets of the Californian way of life. Inspired by the culture of Los Angeles and the memories of golden-age cinema, the collection is filled with looks that are in sunset pastels and flamboyant hues. 

Metallic jumpsuit from the Chanel Cruise 2024 Collection
Metallic jumpsuit/Photo via Chanel website
Pink coords from the Chanel Cruise 2024 Collection
Pink coords/Photo via Chanel website
Pink coords with embelishments from the Chanel Cruise 2024 Collection
Pink coords with embelishments/Photo via Chanel website


Gucci took their Cruise 2024 Collection to the East by staging a show in Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea. The collection mixes the heritage and culture of Italy and South Korea. Looks that are the typical Italian silhouettes with a modern and hip South Korean twist paraded the runway. The collection embodies the jet-setter attitude with looks that are elevated but the same time, timeless in its regard. 

Oversized puffer coat from the Gucci Cruise 2024 Collection
Oversized puffer coat/Photo via Gucci website
Avant Garde wetsuit from the Gucci Cruise 2024 Collection
Avant Garde wetsuit/Photo via Gucci website
Green shirt and pants combo from the Gucci Cruise 2024 Collection
Green shirt and pants combo/ Photo via Gucci website

Banner photo by Agatha Romero, photos from the Dior and Chanel websites.

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