Tempur Philippines Hosts A Serene Staycation For Guests

Tempur arranged a relaxing wellness retreat at the newly opened Camper and Cabin Forest in Cavite, offering a peaceful getaway for guests to relax and recharge.

No matter the weather—be it summer or the rainy season—sleep remains one of the most essential aspects of our lives. 

Fortunately, Tempur is here to ensure we get the quality rest we need.

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A Slumber Party Made Extra Fun

Tempur hosted a luxurious staycation for influencers and media friends, providing a refreshing wellness escape.

Guests, including Patty Laurel-Filart, Nicole Hernandez, Cat Juan Ledesma, and Sheila Catilo were transported to the newly opened Camper and Cabin Forest in Alfonso, Cavite.

From the moment they were picked up, guests were thrilled to be pampered. They received comfortable travel essentials, including a Tempur Transit Pillow and Sleep Mask. 

Alongside these, they enjoyed a delicious breakfast spread of overnight oats, fruits, coffee, and smoked salmon wrap. This fueled them for the journey ahead.

Nicole appreciated the Tempur travel essentials, which made her feel great upon arrival after the two-hour car ride. “(It) made my little power nap even better,” she shared.

Sheila added, “We felt so cared for from the moment we left the city. They provided us with transit pillows and eye masks for the ride to make sure we were comfortable during this road trip.”

Pamper for All of You

Upon arrival, the pampering continued with a full-course lunch prepared by Campfire by Bawai’s, Camper and Cabin’s in-house restaurant. 

Afterwards, the Tempur team presented a welcome basket filled with carefully selected gifts for their stay.

The basket included a Tempur Comfort Travel Pillow, a stylish Tempur Canvas Bag, a customized BruMate Era tumbler, cozy loungewear, bedroom slippers, and their favorite snacks.

“We have been on a thousand sleepovers, but it’s safe to say that this has been by far the most EXTRA slumber party we’ve ever been on. The welcome pack filled with goodies and snacks made us so happy,” Patty and Sheila stated. 

Patty added, “Tempur spoiled us with the most thoughtful gifts. It felt like Christmas Day meets Mother’s Day for all of us.”

Guests enjoyed a luxurious weekend at Camper and Cabin’s Oak and Fir villas. Inside Oak, they discovered a cozy nook and distinctive tatami-style floor seating with plush cushions, perfect for relaxation.

Fir had three big cabins on stilts with a beautiful forest view. Each villa had its own pool for swimming and a fire pit for a cozy night under the stars. The best part was the amazing Tempur sleep setup. 

Each bed had a Tempur Mattress for a great night’s sleep. They also had Tempur Pillows with SmartCool covers to keep guests cool and comfy.

A Sweet Surprise

When they arrived at the cabin, they were pleasantly surprised to find a tub of ice cream from Camper and Cabin, a perfect treat.

After they settled in, they received an invitation for a relaxing massage and enjoyed another delicious dinner prepared by Campfire as the day ended.

As they prepared for bed, the Tempur team surprised them again with a thoughtful sleep kit. It included sleep essentials like Twinings Pure Camomile Tea for relaxation, Sennheiser Headphones with a curated sleep playlist, and an Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair set for a refreshed and radiant morning.

“The surprises don’t seem to end,” Cat said happily as she entered her cabin after the bonfire stories.

Patty praised the break from her usual parental duties and hinted that she might be interested in a Tempur mattress after experiencing the comfort during this wellness escape.

Adding Goodness to Your Morning

The next day began with a soothing yoga and sound bath session led by Relax and Rhyme.

The retreat ended with a smooth check-out and return to Manila, leaving guests with a newfound appreciation for Tempur’s dedication to overall relaxation and well-being. 

From the surprise pick-up to the luxurious cabin amenities, every personalized detail was carefully designed to make the stay truly unforgettable for the guests.

Tempur values comfort, extending it beyond the bedroom to every part of your life, whether you’re at home or out and about.

“Thank you for planning the most thoughtful activities. We loved your emphasis on mindfulness,” Patty remarked as their trip came to a close.

In today’s busy world, we all need to prioritize rest and relaxation. Tempur Philippines offers you the chance to enjoy a good night’s sleep every day. Whether it’s a nap or a full night’s rest. 

There’s nothing quite like coming home to Tempur after a long day, offering you comfort and support.

Photos courtesy of Tempur.

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