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These religious buildings are close to godliness.

Relaxed restrictions now allow Filipinos to practice their faith more freely in person compared to virtual visitations earlier in the pandemic.

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This comes as a welcome update for the country’s predominantly Catholic population who are celebrating Lent.

Part of such tradition involves the practice of Visita Iglesia or Seven Churches Visitation on Maundy Thursday. During this observance, one literally visits seven local churches in their area to spend time in adoration.

Here are the seven most beautiful churches in the Philippines that regularly draw Holy Week visitors. It’s easy to see why.

Manila Cathedral in Intramuros

Architect Fernando Ocampo supervised the reconstruction and last major restoration of the present structure between 1954 to 1958 following World War II. The Manila Cathedral also features a marble relief that depicts souls in Purgatory and the saints whom Liturgy invokes.

Manila Cathedral

San Agustin Church in Intramuros

The San Agustin Church is among four Baroque churches in the country that the Spanish built in the late 16th century. Their architectural style reinterprets European Baroque through the labor of Chinese and Filipino craftspeople.

San Sebastian Church in Quiapo

The San Sebastian Basilica is made entirely of steel. Its Neo-Gothic design finishes with stained glass windows and hand-painted interiors.

Barasoain Church in Bulacan

The Barasoain Church follows the classic church-convent-patio design of religious structures built during the Spanish era. European historical styles including Baroque revival are evident in early Renaissance methods employed to realize the oval-based design.

Daraga Church in Albay

The Daraga Church is known for its Churrigueresque style with detailed ornamentation, floral motifs, Biblical emblems, local geometry, and twisted columns. This extravagant style is known to be rare in Philippine architecture.

Tuguegarao Cathedral in Cagayan

The Tuguegarao Cathedral stands out with its broken and crested pediments with architecture typical of 18th-century structures in the Philippines. The church noticeably uses red bricks supported by white columns that feature different symbols of daily life and of the Dominican order.

Manaoag Church in Pangasinan

The permanent structure stands on a foundation of brick and hardwood, which people considered an architectural marvel at the time of construction that began in 1701.

Photos from BluPrint, Manila Cathedral’s website

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