Designer Clothing Rental Is A Step Towards Mindful Shopping

Take a dive into the world of fashion rental services and see for yourself if you want to try it.

Investing in luxury clothing is a life-long investment. Buying clothes and accessories with price tags with five to six-digit prices is a decision that deserves pondering. Moreover, there are moments when, after purchasing luxury clothes, you get disappointed because the cost-per-wear of the clothing does not match. Furthermore, in such instances, you wish you had a trial period before purchasing an investment piece—worry not, luxury clothing rentals are here to save you. 

Luxury clothing rental services are on the rise. More people now see the value of rental services—often, people turn to luxury clothing rental platforms for one-time use events. Usually, wedding and event attendees are the customers of such platforms. However, nowadays, people are becoming more conscious about their carbon footprint and sustainability practices—more customers want to try luxury clothing before purchasing it on their own. 

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Is It Worth Trying? 

Luxury clothing rental isn’t as bad as one thinks. The negative connotation of renting clothes has passed—now, renting clothes for one-time events is considered sustainable. Borrowing clothes for the sake of an event is a sustainable and practical practice. Recent fashion trends led to overconsumption of clothes—the surplus of unused and discarded clothes is already a problem for the environment. Furthermore, renting a dress for a wedding or a party will help you lessen your carbon footprint. 

Vestido Dress designer clothes rental
Dress from Vestido/ Photo via Instagram @vestido.manila

Another good thing about luxury clothing rental is that it helps you explore your style without commitment. Surely, figuring out one’s style is a confusing and long process, and renting different clothes is a good way to figure it out. Luxury clothing rental platforms and services usually carry a variety of brands and styles, giving you many choices. 

Vestido Dress designer clothes rental
Rajo Laurel Dress/ Photo via Instagram @vestido.manila

Aside from the aforementioned reasons, renting clothes can also be a barometer before buying your own. There are rental platforms where you can also rent accessories such as bags and shoes, allowing you to get to know the product and try it out. 

Where Can I Rent Clothes? 

There are many different platforms where you can rent luxury or designer clothing. There are online and in-store options. Here are some of the platforms and stores you can begin your clothing rental journey. 


Vestido is a local clothing rental company run by three women who all have backgrounds in fashion. “We believe that there is a smarter and more responsible way to dressing up,” as they said on their website. Moreover, they see fashion rental as their way of making their industry sustainable. They offer a wide range of designers and styles that will surely fit anyone’s style.

Vestido Dress designer clothes rental
Zia Wycoco dress/ Photo via Instagram @vestido.manila

Damsel PH

This is your one-stop shop for bridal and event rental. Damsel PH offers different dresses for any occasion. From wedding dresses to debut dresses, they have it all. The rental service is also multi-awarded for their excellent service.

Damsel Dress designer clothes rental
Bridal dress/ Photo via Instagram @gfrmanila

Banner photo via Instagram @vestido.manila.

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