Revolutionary Tech: 3D-Printed Schools In Ukraine Allow Students To Continue Education During Russian Conflict - The Scene

In Ukraine, the revolution is on the way.

Humanitarian Innovative Technologies (HIT) has used 3D printing technology to start recovery efforts in Ukraine even before its war with Russia officially ends.

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The nonprofit startup began its pilot project with a public school opening in early 2023 in Lviv. The conflict has displaced around 75,000 children in their region and 50,000 will reside permanently there.

Thus, the city will house the country’s first 3D-printed school.

This makeshift educational institution will tackle the structural issue of lack of infrastructure for children in Ukraine. It will also address the socioeconomic concern of parents who need essential time to resume their professional activities. All of these are relevant to keep the country’s economy developing during the ongoing crisis.

Building the structure through 3D printing is faster and cheaper than constructing it from scratch with concrete. It is also more sustainable than traditional construction techniques.

HIT has been providing humanitarian aid to over 100,000 refugees in Ukraine since the conflict first broke out.

Banner Photo via Kiko Gaspar Communications.

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