A Week-Long Celebration To Mark International Dance Day

In April, we celebrate International Dance Day, highlighting dance as a form of self-expression. A week-long event will showcase the beauty and diversity of dance styles.

Have you ever danced, even just once in your life? It seems impossible not to have, whether it was a professional performance or simply swaying to a favorite song in the shower or your room. 

This April, we celebrate International Dance Day, recognizing dance as a vital form of self-expression.

Established by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) in 1982, International Dance Day falls on April 29th. This is the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), the creator of modern ballet, according to International Theatre Institure (ITI).

The day aims to honor dance, highlighting its universal appeal that transcends political, cultural, and ethnic boundaries, uniting people through a shared language – dance.

Each year, an exceptional choreographer or dancer is chosen to deliver a message that is distributed worldwide. 

This message, selected by the International Dance Committee of ITI and the Executive Council of ITI, is translated into numerous languages and circulated globally.

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Let Your Feet Tell the Story

In celebration of International Dance Day (IDD), Samsung Performing Arts Theater is set to unveil a weeklong festival spotlighting the crème de la crème of Filipino dance talent. 

From April 24 to 28, this iconic venue will play host to over 500 artists representing a kaleidoscope of genres from folkloric traditions to urban beats, classical elegance, and contemporary styles. 

This event, titled International Dance Day Fest, is proudly presented by Ayala Land in collaboration with Make It Makati and Circuit Makati.

“Hosting this pioneering event reaffirms our belief in the transformative power of the arts to unite, inspire, and uplift. It’s truly a groundbreaking initiative that reflects our commitment to nurturing Filipino talent by bringing together diverse dance companies and genres under one roof,” shares Christopher Mohnani, Samsung Performing Arts Theater Managing Director.

Christopher Mohnani, Samsung Performing Arts Theater Managing Director

The Art of Movement

Featuring a series of gala performances, the International Dance Day Fest promises an unforgettable journey of music and movement. The event has a central theme, Dance For All.

Among the highlights is Bungad, a captivating folk dance choreographed by Nicole Primero of Airdance and performed by Carlos Deriada Jr. 

The performance will entrance audiences with its graceful movements, complemented by enchanting melodies by Dr. Robin Daniel Rivera.

Additionally, the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group presents Pindulas. This offers a mesmerizing portrayal of the Yakan indigenous people’s courtship rituals from Basilan Island. 

The performance features languorous “broken arm” movements and distinctive Indian influences.

Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group artists performing Pindulas

Ballet Manila will also grace the stage with a pas de deux titled Dancing to Verdi, choreographed by Tony Fabella. With the artistic direction of Lisa Macuja Elizalde, and performed by principal dancers Shaira May Comeros and Joshua Ray Enciso. 

Adding a contemporary flair, Galaw Co. Dance Theatre will unveil Tahan Na, a poignant work directed and choreographed by PJ Rebullida. This is in collaboration with Abby Bonifacio, who will also be performing the piece.

Performers from Galaw Co. Dance Theatre, Airdance, Ballet Manila, and Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group

There’s more to expect at the highly-anticipated International Dance Day Fest! 

Celebrate artistry and support local talent. Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of performing arts when you catch the weeklong show.

Banner photo courtesy of Ayala Land.

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