Rise to Perfection: Spot On Tiles for Your Stair Risers - Partnership

Here’s a quick way to freshen up your home.

Looking for neater ways to style your home? Steer away from the old-school way of home design and welcome a fresher option to dazzle your home by installing tiles on your stair risers.

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Tiles serve as the foundation of your home furnishing. When done right, it can hit a home run in achieving a creative look for your staircase. Take a look at these unique tile designs that can help elevate your indoor and outdoor space.


Wood is one of the most versatile types of material perfect for home furnishing. It sets a neat-looking aesthetic and can either serve as an accent or a complementary piece that lifts the whole style of your home. Wooden-finished stair risers also offer a subtle traditional and rural-like setup that can easily be transformed from farmhouse to modern industrial.

Vintage Floral

Floral patterns can be a challenging style to work with, especially with home decorating. To achieve a flawless and cohesive staircase design, find vintage floral-patterned tiles that will complement your home’s color palette. This trick will allow your space to have a more feminine touch without overpowering the look.


Textured tiles have been known to provide depth and add personality to any space. Elevate each step in your staircase with state-of-the-art textured tiles. You can go from intricate designs of hard-carved pieces to organic textures like cement and marble that can go a long way in setting a dramatic mood in your home.

Linear Patterns

Tiles with line patterns offer a sense of continuity and cohesiveness in all of its many designs and angles available. Line patterns also provide versatility in terms of installation; they can be rearranged according to your preference and what will suit your home best. Welcome a more harmonious look for your staircase with line patterns and achieve a modern touch for your stair risers.


If you want to keep your staircase looking classy yet easy to blend with your home design, opt for clean and plain-colored tiles for a nice contemporary finish. It provides a more cohesive feel around your space without resulting in a loud and overwhelming look that can reflect your home’s whole aesthetic.


Timeless and easy on the eyes, stone-finished tiles make an incredible addition to a neutral-looking staircase. Its textured design also evokes a more stunning depth that lifts up the whole area and creates a realistic feel. It can stand out without additional elements and offer a unique take in nature-inspired style.

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