Luxurious Blooms To Bask In The Valentine's Mood

Floral designer extraordinaire Nikki Chatto elevates the quiet luxury of the Eluria show suite’s exquisite interiors. 

In a special collaboration with Lifestyle Asia, AIFD-certified floral designer Nikki Chatto extends the Valentine’s mood by dressing up the luxurious show suite of Eluria, the latest prestige development by Arthaland in collaboration with ARCH CAPITAL, nestled in the heart of Legazpi  Village, Makati City. “I recommend red Ecuadorian roses,” Nikki says to explain her choice of  blooms, “because they are the most sought-after flowers for Valentine’s.” 

AIFD-certified floral designer Nikki Chatto dresses up the luxurious space at Arthaland’s Eluria

“Apart from aesthetics, flowers evoke emotions,” she adds, reasoning why homeowners should  consider the extra effort of bringing in blooms to decorate their spaces, “and it helps create a vibrant mood.” 

To make your floral arrangements last, she advises cutting the stems diagonally before putting  them in vases with clean water and adding a half a teaspoon of Chrysal Clear Universal flower food to extend the flowers’ vase life. To enjoy them even longer, she suggests cutting the stems  again and changing the water every three days. 

All throughout Eluria’s luxurious rooms, Nikki added various arrangements of large crimson roses mixed  with various greens and vines. On the dining table, mirrored vases complement the elegant  setting, with the blooms arranged at a lower height to not block the guests’ view across the  table.  

A larger arrangement is propped on a side table in the living area, a dramatic composition of  fully bloomed roses and sprigs of similarly colored flowers framed by an arch made from natural vine and intertwined with fresh eucalyptus.

Nikki kept a more romantic mood in the primary bedroom, creating a luxurious sensual arrangement of  long-stemmed carnations set in a tall clear vase on a corner table.

She continues with the theme in  the bathroom, where a delicate bouquet of carnations is discreetly propped near a scented candle. 

A smaller arrangement is placed in one of the cubby holes in the office’s bookshelf, surprising those who will come across it.  

The flowers elevate the quiet luxury conveyed by Eluria’s interiors. Each bloom harmonizes with  the meticulously chosen elegant furnishings and décor, reflecting the refined vision of Jigs Adefuin from Adefuin Design Studio, who designed the show suite with impeccable taste.  Exquisite sculptures and paintings by esteemed Filipino artists, among them Jose Joya, Justin  Nuyda, Romulo Olazo, Malang, and Arturo Luz, dot the space to add strong focal points and  pops of colors. The decor and Eluria’s leanings toward a low-impact lifestyle speak to a new  generation of homeowners who have a deep appreciation for both the finer things and the  credo of conscientious living.  

Beyond Aesthetics 

On how Nikki stays motivated, she says that she views her work as a form of self-expression and  actively seeks inspiration from the beauty of nature to fuel her creativity. She adds, “The  excitement of creating something new challenges me, allowing me to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to every project. This constant innovation keeps my passion alive in the business for over two decades.” 

Nikki shares how the custom of sending flowers on Valentine’s Day began: “The practice  began in 18th century Sweden when each flower had a special meaning. This meant people  could have an entire, intimate conversation purely through sending flowers. The act of sending  flowers or incorporating floral decor goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating an emotional  connection. Whether it’s the intimacy of receiving Valentine’s flowers or feeling the wedding  vibes through the decor, flowers evoke powerful sentiments and enhance the overall emotional  experience.”

For the eco-conscious and discerning city dweller  

In about two years’ time, Makati’s iconic skyline is poised to be elevated by the prestigious  addition of Arthaland’s Eluria. Meticulously crafted with the environmentally conscious and  discerning urbanite in mind, Eluria promises to redefine prestige living in the city’s heart.  Designed by the accomplished Architect Michael Banak of FMB Architects, Eluria epitomizes an  idyllic future, blending the idea of a treehouse with a modern home’s luxurious but eco-friendly  features. Only 37 units will be available, making it one of Manila’s most private enclaves.  

The Sydney-based architect envisioned a dazzling combination of light-colored precast  concrete, wood, and bronze accents for the building’s facade, a striking vision of warmth amidst  Makati’s bustles. Eluria’s interior volumes are just as planned, with only two elongated  residences per floor, enabling residents to bask in natural light from all three sides of their unit  while having the advantage of cross ventilation. Balconies break the exterior expanse to allow  the presence of calming pocket gardens from where residents can view the shimmering  urban skyline.  

ARTHALAND senior vice president for sales operations, leasing and project marketing, and chief sustainability officer, Oliver L. Chan shares, “We conceptualized Eluria in line with Arthaland’s mission to create best-in-class sustainable residences in Metro Manila. This is our first foray in Makati City, a rare green oasis in the middle of a dynamic cityscape.”

Oliver adds, “Eluria’s architecture stands as the pinnacle of sustainable luxury. Our primary objective was to seamlessly fuse the essence of luxurious living with the surrounding natural environment, thereby reshaping and envisioning the trajectory of sustainable homes in the future.”

A seamless fusion of opulence and function 

Luxury is expertly blended with practicality in the interior’s elegant scale and fluid layout, as  seen in Eluria’s show suite at Arthaland Century Pacific Tower. There, the simulated wide  windows and balconies elevate the feeling of expanse that residents immediately sense upon  entering. The elevator takes one straight to each unit, which welcomes an entrance foyer that  leads to an indoor terrace. To the side is a bedroom, with an office next to it for convenience.

In a strip opposite it, the living area, open kitchen, and dining space are aligned one after the  other, a few steps from the primary bedroom with a spacious walk-in closet and bath. Natural  light envelops the entirety of the unit, infusing it with a serene ambiance that effortlessly  transports you away from the bustling heart of Manila. 

Arthaland raises the bar even further, distinguishing Eluria with a special feature, the Prestige White Glove Butler Service available for all its residents. In a commitment to deliver unparalleled service, Eluria’s hospitality directors will undergo an intensive 10-week training  program at The International Butler Academy in the Netherlands. Renowned for shaping the skills of butlers in the world’s most luxurious residences, this acclaimed institution ensures that Eluria’s clients receive nothing short of exceptional care and attention to detail. 

Oliver elaborates, “The Prestige White Glove Butler Service by the internationally trained hospitality directors will provide residents with the utmost level of comfort and convenience. Eluria defines the height of urban living as a highly developed area and the highest level of service for residents of this low-density development.”

Being pre-certified LEED gold and on track for WELL, EDGE, and BERDE certifications, Eluria is  thoroughly green, with energy-efficient technologies and design elements that minimize  environmental impact. All the units have sustainability and wellness features that will benefit  residents and the environment.

Oliver emphasizes, “In conceptualizing Eluria, we aimed to transcend traditional boundaries, creating a harmonious blend of sophistication and eco-consciousness that not only redefines the concept of a treehouse but also sets a new standard for sustainable and luxurious living spaces.” Explore the Eluria show suite by booking a visit via

Special thanks to Mara Sotto Fortuna of Arthaland.

Photos by Kieran Punay of KLIQ, Inc.

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