A Day Of Adventure With Land Rover Defender

A fleet of Defenders went out to play and celebrate its 700th Defender running on Philippine roads.

Defender cars represent the pinnacle of automotive safety and security. With advancements in structural design, collision avoidance systems, bulletproofing, secure communication, emergency response integration, and anti-theft features, these vehicles offer a comprehensive solution to the evolving challenges of the modern world. The continuous improvements on the Defender give utmost confidence to the purchasers therefore in the Philippines alone, 700 Defender cars are already sold in this market. 

Defender cars are not just a sign of affluence, but also of the growing market for safe, secured automobiles with many luxurious features. 

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Three-Day Extravaganza

The Defender brand in the Philippines hosted a 3-day experiential event. Taking guests through an urban jungle set up in Arca South. Combining the unmatched capability of the Defender in its natural habitat. The sleek and modern Defender Hospitality Suite with a fully equipped adventure Defender 90 displayed outside warmly welcomed the guests. The Defender Hospitality Suite housed all things Defender including a discussion area for the Defender Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle and the brand’s electrification plans in general.

Land Rover Defender in action/ Photo courtesy of Land Rover

Unique Product Immersion

The suite explained in theory what the Defender Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicle was about. The driving activities with the Defender 90 and Defender 110 were probably the highlight for the fans of the brand. The Defender Off Road Zone had two sections – The Technical Area and The Playground. The Technical Area had a complex and demanding driving course that required strict guidance from Land Rover Certified Lead Instructors. The Playground was an area where Defender owners experienced the capabilities of the Defender over a variety of obstacles. Both areas had eight challenges which proved that the Defender is the most capable Land Rover ever built.

Land Rover Defenders/ Photo courtesy of Land Rover

Wellness Experience

Topping off the driving activities was a luxurious area for wellness and relaxation. The highest level of hospitality was experienced by the guests and Defender owners during the event. There was a relaxing lounge set up by premium brands like Snow Peak and Commune. An indulgent nosh by Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, a well-curated wellness area care of Innisfree and Mise En Scene for relaxation. 

Land Rover Defender in the playground/ Photo courtesy of Land Rover

The Defender DNA

For more than 75 years, the Land Rover Defender single-handedly defines the go-anywhere, can-do spirit. The Defender DNA has always been tough, versatile, durable, and capable.

With 70 years of pioneering innovation under its belt, the Land Rover Defender has earned a unique place in the hearts of explorers and adventurous families across the world. Proven in the harshest environments of the world, the Defender has always been the 4×4 vehicle of choice due to its breadth of capability throughout the years.

Land Rover Defender/ Photo courtesy of Land Rover

“Filipinos, without a doubt, are such big fans of the Defender. This event is a great way to celebrate the ongoing success of the Defender here in the Philippines. We are truly delighted to see everyone come together and celebrate all things Defender. The new Defender has really proven that it is the most capable Land Rover ever built,” says Chris Ward, Vice President of IC Land Automotive Inc. 

Land Rover Defender in action/ Photo courtesy of Land Rover

As technology continues to advance, the future holds even greater promise for the evolution of Defender cars, ensuring that drivers and passengers can travel with the utmost confidence in their safety. The three-day affair just proved why Defender is a popular choice and is here to stay. The popularity of Defender cars can be attributed to a combination of advanced security features. A clientele that prioritizes personal safety, technological innovations, and the versatility of these vehicles in various terrains and driving conditions.

Banner photo courtesy of Land Rover.

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