#RSVPLifestyleAsia: Celebrating the July Issue with Marion Branellec -


Lifestyle Asia July cover girl Marion Branellec entered Finestra restaurant in a white Rosenthal Tee cocktail dress and a smile. The bride-to-be was glowing when she walked into the Italian Steakhouse with her fiancé Martin De Guzman. They were met at the entrance with a flute of Rose Champagne and Martin’s parents Ginny and Butch. When the four got together, they raised their glasses for the first of many toasts throughout the evening. They were there to celebrate Marion’s cover for the magazine’s Best of the Philippine Issue.

Guests hung around the bar as a special sit down dinner was being prepared by the chefs of the premium restaurant. Marion’s big brothers Ludovic and Jacques Christophe Branellec, and her new sister-in-law Mia, were in attendance. They sat by their little sister, proud of the woman she has become. Lifestyle Asia’s Editor-in-Chief Anna Sobrepena kicked off dinner with a short speech saying that, “Marion and Jewelmer does not only represent the best of what our country has to offer, but also the world with their environmental and friendly ways of cultivating the golden pearl”.

Dinner began with a crab cake and a savory beef tartar. The truffle carbora was a crowd favorite and the main course was a generous cut of wagyu that melted in people’s mouths. Each course was served with a selection of Italian wines, curated by Solaire’s in-house sommelier. To end the five-course meal was an assortment of desserts served with homemade limoncello. The meal was lengthy but pleasant, starting at 7:30 and ending right before the clock struck midnight. Although when desert wrapped, everyone’s energy was still up and the wacky photo shoots commenced.



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