Salcedo Auctions' Year-End Sales Channel the Spirit of Giving Back

The online auction platform of Grade 11 student Joaquin Lerma benefits a charity for the underprivileged youth

Auctions may commonly be for collectors of art pieces, vintage decor, and other curiosities. Yet it can be an opportunity to help communities in need as well. Salcedo Auctions and Gavel & Block will be hosting an auction series: Under the Tree: The Wish List and Under the Tree: The Holiday Sale that will happen on November 23 and November 30. Apart from the emporium of artworks and keepsakes, collectors must look forward to the new online platform, Bid for the Future. Joaquin Lerma, the son of Salcedo Auctions’ founders Richie and Karen Lerma, conceptualized it with a charity in mind. These year-end sales truly reinforce the spirit of Christmas, of celebrating the joy in giving back.

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Joaquin Lerma with Escuela Taller’s OIC Executive Director Carmen Bettina Bulaong
Larry Acala and Emmanuel Garibay for Gavel & Block’s The Holiday Sale.

The spirit of giving back

On this year’s holiday auction series, Salcedo Auctions introduces its new online platform, Bid for the Future. Joaquin Lerma conceptualized it out of his passion for art. For the past years, the 16-year old son of Richie and Karen Lerma has been involved in organizing tours and benefit auctions of Gavel & Block. Joaquin’s visits to heritage sites across the world grew the desire to promote the country’s art and architecture. This bore the idea to create a platform that would encourage people to support our own art, culture, history, and conservation.

Only in his 11th grade as a student, Joaquin knew to share his knowledge and imbue the value of sharing life’s blessings. He chose Escuela Taller as the beneficiary of his online donation platform. The non-government organization empowers the underprivileged youth through educational and touristic programs. The NGO teaches them skills for restoring historic buildings in parts of the country like Manila, Bohol, and Pampanga. The spirit of giving back is truly alive, especially in Escuela. Apart from helping the youth create a livelihood for themselves, they contribute to conserving the country’s rich history and culture. Through Bid for the Future, art collectors can channel the spirit of Christmas, creating the wonderful cycle of giving back.

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Rodel Tapaya and Maria Taniguchi for Salcedo Auctions’ The Wish List.
Nena Saquil for Gavel & Block’s The Holiday Sale.

Under the tree

The two year-end sales feature the finest Philippine art pieces. For admirers of the great Filipino masters, you can find and bid for them in The Wish List. The auction includes the works of BenCab, Arturo Luz, and Vicente Manansala. For those who prefer contemporary pieces, the works of Rodel Tapaya and Maria Taniguchi are also up for bidding. Both have fascinatingly unique styles: Tapaya uses mixed media in depicting realities and folk narrative while Maria Taniguchi distributes repetitive grey and black rectangular patterns on canvasses that resemble “brick paintings.” The auction lineup also includes ethnographic art and vintage furniture.

Over at Gavel & Block, a new set of designs make up its auction roster in The Holiday Sale in Podium. This includes artists Nena Saquil, Bernardo Pacquing, and Emmanuel Garibay. Their works were chosen for its beauty and quality that art connoisseurs seek after. Other items consist of historic memorabilia and design collectibles like the well-known figurative characters of KAWS.

Justin Nuyda of Salcedo Auction’s The Wish List.
Chopard earrings and Tiffany & Co. necklace of Gavel & Block’s The Holiday Sale.

Through these two holiday sales, Salcedo Auctions and Gavel & Block reinforce the value in making charitable donations. Apart from echoing the true spirit of Christmas, these auction houses understand giving back is a cycle that must continue everywhere no matter the season.

Salcedo Auctions​ will hold the Under the Tree: The Wish List on Saturday, 23 November 2019, at 2pm at NEX Tower, 6786 Ayala Avenue, Makati City. The public preview runs 10 am-6 pm daily from Friday, 15 November until Friday 22 November.

Gavel&Block​ will hold the ​Under the Tree: The Holiday Sale​ auction on Saturday, 30 November, 2 pm at the Lobby of The Podium West Tower, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila. The public preview will be held at the Ground Floor of The Podium daily 11 am-10 pm from Thursday, 21 November until Friday 29 November.

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