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The new league of “power phones” is here.

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Sixteen months have passed since we first went into a nationwide lockdown. Since then, we’ve developed new hobbies to keep ourselves occupied while we stay safe from COVID in our own homes.

A lot of people have turned to nature, putting their green thumbs to work with abundant plants. Novice chefs and bakers filled their kitchens with fragrant, scrumptious dishes and pastry. Health and wellness enthusiasts began their journey into meditation, fitness, and even self-reflection.

I, myself, am part of the population that has succumbed to the seduction of everything Korean. It started with a popular K-drama on Netflix, and then another. This was followed by a couple of films, then the beat of K-pop marched in. Soon, I found myself totally immersed in their culture and media. I fell into a rabbit hole but I never want to find my way out.

My social media has then been filled with K-drama and K-pop updates, my Netflix list is full of must-watch Korean movies and shows, my YouTube recommendations are unabashedly painted purple, and even in my home there’s only Korean snacks and kimchi aplenty. It’s safe to say that I consume their media and entertainment as enthusiastically as I do with their cuisine.

Have a full entertainment system in your hands.

On every screen I look at in my home, there are only gorgeous Korean men and women showing off their envious talents. From the moment I wake up until I close my eyes to sleep, I watch K-dramas or K-pop music videos on my phone, laptop, or TV. And in between those, I scroll on my social media feeds to stay updated on articles about my favorite shows, actors, and boy bands.

I switch from one gadget to another so I can fully enjoy what I’m watching or reading, but this can be quite tiresome. Even in small matters like how I consume media, convenience and quality still play an important role.

This is precisely how my life has forever been changed when I got to use the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2.

The latest flagship phone from Korean tech giant, Samsung, offers a one-of-a-kind viewing experience for all media lovers out there. Out of the box, the Galaxy Z Fold2 captivates the eyes with its stellar Mystic Bronze hue, sleek lines, and flawless curves and cuts. It boasts a slender, 6.2-inch cover screen that provides a seemingly endless source of entertainment as you scroll through its length.

It also has the classic Infinity-O Display to tuck the front camera safely behind the screen for an uninterrupted view. At the back is a trio of powerhouse cameras that capture photos more vivid than reality. But the real stunner is safely encased between the cover screen and rear cameras.

Enjoy your favorite show in one window, work on another, and drag and drop content or media onto a third app, all in one screen.

From the side, an embossed Samsung logo runs along the metallic spine. This then becomes magically hidden beneath the cover screen and the back of the phone as you unfold the rest of the gadget. Thanks to the sweeper technology in the spine, opening the main screen is done in an effortless, fluid movement.

The wide surface then greets you with a new and undoubtedly better viewing experience. At 7.6 inches unfolded, the Galaxy Z Fold2 makes your wildest dreams come to life with the rich colors of Dynamic AMOLED 2X. It has a minuscule camera hole, no notch, and slimmer bezels for a truly immersive view. 

While using the cover screen, I often come across videos that would best be watched on a bigger scale. Rather than switching from my old phone to my laptop like before, I simply unravel the Galaxy Z Fold2 to its main screen and the same content appears in an instant.

Following along Korean recipes on YouTube are also made easier since I can flex the device at any angle and prop it up on the table for hands-free viewing. The bottom half of the folded screen also conveniently shows video controls for quick navigation.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 gives you the flexibility to do more.

Thanks to enhanced media platforms, there’s a limitless supply of entertainment no matter which app you go to. Sometimes, going from one to another just isn’t enough—we want to see all of them at the same time. With the Galaxy Z Fold2’s main screen, you can enjoy two or even three apps simultaneously for seamless multi-viewing and multi-tasking. Enjoy your favorite show in one window, work on another, and drag and drop content or media onto a third app, all in one screen.

You can also do the same with two apps on the cover screen for a one-handed multi-tasking activity. Feel the power of a full entertainment system in your hands with the phone’s dual speakers on the top and bottom, pumping out the clear, sonorous sounds of your favorite songs and shows.

The other half of the fun of using the Galaxy Z Fold2 is taking photos and videos with its pro-grade cameras. Selfies are a thing of the past, as self-portraits shot on the front cameras and rear cameras take crisp pictures in a snap.

Fold the device and place it on a surface for hands-free shooting with the rear camera, or do the same with the front camera on the main screen and even review your photos in real time on the folded halves. Samsung also took video-taking up a new level with its Pro Video Mode, allowing you to take control of zoom speed, on-screen histogram, sound recording options, and stereo levels.

See things from a different angle, literally.

Of course, no screen this big should go untested through mobile games. As an avid Call of Duty: Mobile player, I took the Galaxy Z Fold2 on a spin in the game’s Battle Royale mode. Even unfolded, the phone is comfortable to grip with both hands and all the on-screen buttons are easily accessible.

On the main screen, the map of the game is even more impressive with its details and vibrant colors. Although, keep in mind that the game itself was made for rectangular screens as opposed to the Galaxy Z Fold2’s square main screen, so expect a bit of the game’s peripheral vision to be cut.

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is truly a testament to the company’s mission to be the most innovative tech brand in the world. They have pushed the envelope (or unfolded, rather) by bringing the new era of “power phones” here today, and changing the shape of the future, one flex at a time. 

For more information, visit Samsung’s website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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