Escape Into These Breathtaking Places Across the World

Traveling is always the easiest way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Yet apart from indulging in a much-needed rest and recreation in pockets of paradise, one can always enjoy the unique cultural experience these places offer. In Lifestyle Asia’s August Edition, we share beautiful and culturally-rich tourist destinations in Santorini, Cappadocia, Vienna, and Dubrovnik. You might get ideas on where to take your family and friends next for a fulfilling and relaxing trip.

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Heated pool at the Athina Luxury Suites. (Photograph from Jeanette Ipapo-Tuason)
View of the sunset at Ammoudi Bay. (Photograph from Jeanette Ipapo-Tuason)

“The Beautiful One”

Previously called “Calliste” or “The Beautiful One,” Santorini is indeed a beautiful place to visit in Greece. The four well-known towns are Fira, Oia with its high-end establishments, Imegrovil, and Firostofani. Luxury sunset sailing is one of the most thrilling activities to do in Santorini. The sailing tours you around the island so you can see the red and black beaches and swim in hot springs. You would also see the blue-domed roofs that are actually churches. Electricity is free for churches and thus, people built one near the residences.

If you prefer to stay at a hotel not far from the action, there is Athina Luxury Suites. The Luxury Travel Group and Haute Grandeur awarded it as the Best Boutique Hotel in Greece. The rooms have a private balcony where you can witness the full view of the Caldera, and breathtaking sunrise and sunset. At breakfast, you can indulge in a healthy variety of waffles, Eggs Benedict, and yogurt with pistachios and honey. While eating, you can enjoy the view of boats docking at the bay to visit the island.

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Sneak-peek into the dwellings. (Photograph from Edu Jarque)
The Dervent Valley with a domineering camel-like rock formation. (Photograph from Edu Jarque)

An ethereal destination

Cappadocia in Kayseri, Istanbul is truly a wonderful destination not only for tourists but for archaeologists, adventurers, and environmentalists. Picturesque towns, caves, and landscapes fill the place like the Monk’s Valley. It is an 1985 United Nations World Heritage Site notable for the fairy chimneys and totem-pole shaped spikes. The boulders stand several stories high amidst arid plains. Apart from these amazing rock formations, there is a lunar landscape with unique stone shapes. See similar attractions in the MDC Cave Hotel in Urguk situated at a mountainside. The 46 chambers come in different sizes and designs to form high-quality shelters.

Cappadocia offers a unique cultural experience with its workshops like carpet-making. The expert discussed the beauty and values in weaving colorful fabrics. You won’t be even to purchase anything as the locals like to simply showcase their work. All this was done to preserve the wonderful tradition in this place.

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Belvedere Palace. (Photograph from Isabella Orteza)
Stradun of Dubrovnik. (Photograph from Isabella Orteza)

Hidden gems in Europe

Museum enthusiasts will certainly enjoy visiting Vienna. The place boasts of luxury with its Schönbrunn Palace and Belvedere Palace. Both museums feature beautiful palace gardens and grand interiors. A glance at the facade alone features the meticulous details done to the architecture of the palaces. Inside is an extensive range of medieval to modern art like Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss. Witnessing these artworks in real life is certainly an unforgettable experience far different from seeing them in media.

While Vienna boasts of luxury in royal palaces, Dubrovnik is equally beautiful with the bustling activities in its charming Old Town. It features red rooftops and white walls. While the city is small compared to Vienna, you can find peace here. To see the spectacular view of the Adriatic Sea, you have to climb flights of stairs. Yet once there, the exhaustion is definitely worth it.

Read the full article of Isabella Orteza in Lifestyle Asia’s August Edition, titled “The Essence of Beauty.”

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