Seal Of Approval: 5 Luxury Brands With British Royal Warrants

These five luxury brands proudly carry royal warrants as the go-to suppliers of everything from automobiles to shirts for the British monarchy. 

Everyone has a gauge of knowing whether something is good or even exceptional. In the world of shopping, this can take the form of glowing customer reviews, social media posts, and even word of mouth. Some brands, particularly those in the luxury range, even have the honor of carrying royal warrants—a seal of approval from the British monarchy itself. 

According to Eric Twardzik in a feature for Robb Report, royal warrants have been around since the 15th century. They weren’t necessarily reserved for luxurious suppliers, as it was really a means of acknowledging any supplier of the royal household who provided them with commercial goods. 

Usually, it’s the monarch who grants these warrants to brands, with the late Queen Elizabeth having granted 800 warrants during her reign, according to the British royal family’s official website. Today, King Charles III continues this tradition, presenting royal warrants to everyone from individual artisans to multinational corporations. 

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Grantees of these royal warrants hold them for five years, and can emblazon them across their products and promotional materials. A year before it expires, the Royal Household Warrants Committee reviews these grantees, and can choose not to renew their warrant if their “product or service is insufficient.” So for the most part, these seals of approval are noteworthy forms of recognition that aren’t taken lightly. 

Here are five particular luxury brands that currently hold a royal warrant, based on The Royal Warrant Holders Association’s official directory


Penhaligon’s holds a royal warrant as “Manufacturers of Toilet Requisites” by appointment of King Charles III, or “HRH The Former Prince of Wales.” The perfumery has been around for more than a century, having opened in 1837 under the leadership of William H. Penhaligon.

Its fragrances have been a favorite among members of the royal family for years, as the brand received its very first royal warrant in 1903 from Queen Alexandra. Then in 1956, it received its second royal warrant by appointment of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. 

The “Highgrove Gardens” perfume from Penhaligon’s/Photo from the Penhaligon’s website

In honor of King Charles III’s coronation, and in support of Princes Foundation, Penhaligon’s also released “Highgrove Gardens”: a scent that takes inspiration from the current abode of the king and queen consort. 

“We’re proud to have maintained a close connection to the Royal Court throughout our history and look forward to a happy and glorious future as we continue our journey to entertain the world’s nostrils with a dose of Britishness,” wrote the brand in its official website


Burberry is another renowned British brand that made a name for itself in the fashion industry, as well as history, having created functional trench coats to protect soldiers from the elements during World War I. Today, the brand still creates comfortable and functional clothes that exude elegance, as well as a quintessentially English flair. 

A Burberry trench coat/Photo via Instagram @burberry

The British luxury brand received a royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth II as “Weatherproofers,” proving that their practical garments have continued to serve their purpose with style. Yet King Charles III also presented them with a royal warrant as “Outfitters,” acknowledging their impeccable pieces for the royal wardrobe. 

Princess Kate Middleton has also sported a number of classic Burberry looks over the years, like an olive trench coat with the brand’s signature checkered pattern, which she wore in November 2023 according to Harper’s Bazaar

Turnbull & Asser

Being the sartorially-savvy man that he is, King Charles III wouldn’t just hand a royal warrant to any shirtmaker. They’d have to be one that’s been providing the finest bespoke shirts that are—quite literally—fit for a king. Such is the case for Turnbull & Asser, a shirtmaker that received its first royal warrant from the king (then a prince) in 1980, under head cutter Paul Cuss. Its head of bespoke, Paul Cuss, later received another warrant as the brand’s head of bespoke. 

A shirt from Turnbull & Asser/Photo via Instagram @turnbull_asser

“Responsible for fitting The King whenever he calls on us for a new shirt, he heads our London bespoke service on Bury Street,” wrote the brand on its official website. Though one need not book a special appointment like the royal if they want a taste of great tailoring, as the brand also offers ready-to-wear shirts and accessories on their website.


Cartier isn’t just one of the most widely-recognized luxury brands in the market for exquisite jewelry, watches, and bags: it also happens to be a royal warrant holder. King Charles III bestowed it under “Jewellers and Goldsmiths,” though its relationship with the royal family goes way back, as with many brands on this list. 

A piece from the Cartier Libre collection/Photo via Instagram @cartier

The brand received its first royal warrant in 1904 from King Edward VII, reports Ellen Groves for Women’s Wear Daily. This came shortly after the king ordered 27 tiaras from them for his coronation, which started a trend of monarchs from other countries approaching the brand to get their own fine, royal jewelry. 

Queen Alexandra and Queen Elizabeth II also had their fair share of custom Cartier pieces, the most famous one being the Cartier Halo tiara—a piece that the late Elizabeth II loaned to Kate Middleton for her wedding with Prince William in 2011, reports Rachel Burchfield of Marie Claire


Any Bentley automobile is as good a status symbol as it gets, and all the more with the luxury car brand holding a royal warrant from both Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III as “Motor Car Manufacturers.” Founder WO Bentley established the brand in 1919, and since then, it’s been one of the most sought-after automobile manufacturers in the world. 

One of two state limousine Bentley cars made for Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee in 2002/Photo by Ibagli via Wikimedia Commons

According to Hugh McIntyre of Forbes, Bentley was among the main partners of the Coronation Festival in 2016 (a gathering of royal warrant holders), and gifted the Queen’s State Limousine to the royal household. Only two state limousines by Bentley exist, and both served the queen until her passing, adds Calibre in a special feature on royal cars. 

Banner photo via Instagram @turnbull_asser.

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