Sealy Posturepedic Feted Its Latest Collection with Society's Finest

Complemented by a ballet performance, the ‘Elevate Ultra’ launch ushered in a new era for the mattress brand

On a brisk March evening in Bonifacio Global City, patrons and friends of Sealy gathered for a cocktail hour and intimate dinner to celebrate the launch of the brand’s new collection. Hosted inside The Penthouse in Twenty-Four Seven McKinley in BGC, the occasion felt just like a night in with old friends. Guests, including Cyma restaurants owner Chef Robby Goco, restaurateur Elbert Cuenca with wife Liza Ilarde, a fashion and lifestyle editor, Filip+Inna founder and creative director Len Cabili, and lifestyle purveyor Mia Borromeo to name a few, leaned into the relaxed ambiance, showing up in loose silhouettes and lightweight kaftans.

“[The Sealy team is] happy that after five to six years of being very much product-centric, we’re now gearing toward a more lifestyle approach,” Mayen Yuzon, senior business manager of Focus Global Inc., shared with Lifestyle Asia.

The event was more than just a launch; it marked a debut of sorts for the brand. Having refined their product technology, Sealy Posturepedic®  is currently amplifying their lifestyle messaging. “We really feel that we have successfully established a solid base of followers and patrons who represent our target market,” Yuzon explained. “This has been instrumental in guiding us toward forging meaningful partnerships and curating upscale lifestyle events that resonate with our clientele. Like any other luxury product, it’s the experience that you’re after. Of course, for Sealy, [we offer] both the experience and the benefit.”

Art and Wellness

Paralleling the Elevate Ultra’s design and craftsmanship, attendees were treated to a performance by Ballet Philippines

Ahead of the multi-course meal, attendees were ushered to the main hall, where they were greeted by floor-to-ceiling drapery and an artful display of the Elevate Ultra line—Royal Retreat, Hotel Executive Series, and Orthopedic Series. Shortly after, the crowd was treated to a classical performance by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons by Ballet Philippines, the country’s premier ballet school and company. Kathleen Liechtenstein, president of the dance company, described the collaboration with Sealy as “a partnership made in heaven.” “It just melds easily,” she smiled, highlighting a shared emphasis on wellness as a lifestyle.

Echoing Liechtenstein, Yuzon underlined how good sleep supports good performance. “A ballerina’s peak performance is a result of rigorous training and is also deeply rooted in getting a good night’s sleep. Both [Sealy and Ballet Philippines] prioritize wellness and, of course, proper spine support,” she began. “When ballerinas stand—they call it the pointe position—they do so on their toes. To achieve that, they need to have a well-supported spine, and a client gets that sleeping position naturally when they sleep on a Sealy mattress.”

Perfecting the Craft

The Focus Global Inc. Team with Lifestyle Asia editor-in-chief Candy Dizon. From left to right: Dennis Tan, Head of Regional Sales and Hospitality of Sealy Asia (SG) Pte Ltd; Chee Yan Lee, Director and General Manager of Sealy Asia; and Stephen Sy, President of Focus Global Inc.

Behind the scenes, Chee Yan Lee, the director and general manager of Sealy Asia Group of Companies, unveiled the meticulous process behind fine-tuning the products.

“This new collection that we’re introducing to the Philippine [market features] a new spring technology,” he revealed, underpinned by years of dedicated research. Adding to the thought, Yuzon noted that each movement of a ballerina, whether it’s a pirouette or an arabesque, has a precise turn. “They know how they should support their body for every twist and turn that they do. The same goes for Sealy—the technology behind the mattress is not just something that comes up overnight, but rather the culmination of over 140 years of continuous refinement and innovation.”

The largest in the southern hemisphere, Sealy’s R&D facility in Brisbane works closely with orthopedic surgeons, allowing research engineers to develop products specifically tailored for back and spinal support. “That’s the science behind Sealy Posturepedic®,” Lee commented.

Equally important to the brand, however, was ensuring that the latest collection catered to local preferences. “[In] the past years, for the Spring category, most Filipinos tend to favor a firm or cushion firm mattress. So, we’ve tailored our collection to predominantly offer options with a medium firm or firm feel,” Yuzon explained. “However, recognizing diverse preferences, we also have plush soft mattresses that clients can find in the Royal Retreat mattress line.”

Refined Palate

Dinner was set on three long tables, decorated with lush yellow, lavender, and pink florals and draped in ivory linens. Chef Alexis Cruz, the head chef at Focus Global Inc., introduced the tasting menu consisting of four exquisite courses. This included the Crab Tortellini, Angus Beef Tenderloin and Foie Gras, Filet of Chilean Sea Bass, and Earl Grey Entremet, each embodying Sealy’s core principles of support, innovation, craftsmanship, and luxury.

“Tonight, we’ve had the privilege of indulging in the epitome of luxury and innovation,” Lifestyle Asia editor-in-chief Candy Dizon recounted in her dinner toast. “Through this collaboration with Sealy and Ballet Philippines, we have discovered that true luxury lies not only in the finest materials or the most exquisite designs, but also in the harmony of experiences that elevate our lives in ways beyond measure.”

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