Fukudaya: An Osaka Food Market in the Middle of Manila -

The quiet atmosphere and open air courtyard at the Arya Residences in the Fort is the unexpected location for Fukudaya, a Japanese restaurant usually at full capacity for lunch and dinner. Guests of the busy restaurant are usually regulars. The menu highlights dishes that introduce new ingredients used in creating traditional Japanese dishes. The space is dimly lit with wooden fixtures and carvings made to resemble fish swimming in a dark ocean. Dining in Fukudaya is like being on a port in Osaka where premium seafood are traded.

The open kitchen affords a show of skilled chefs applying culinary technique to create the the restaurant specialties. Blades slice through slabs of fish in quick and calculated motions to serve up artfully plated favorites like the Spicy Tuna or Spicy Salmon Sashimi. Nori wraps are set alongside sashimi dishes that look like mini cakes for an interactive experience.

Ordering off-the-menu dishes is highly recommended especially for the more adventurous. Once a week, the restaurant flies in a Japanese delicacy for a special few to enjoy. It can be fresh Hokkaido crabs, premium fish cuts and abalone or an exotic sea snail delicacy. Tender Gindara is a regular entrée on the menu that regulars often order alongside the day’s specials.   

Maki rolls are made with large portions of meat compared to other establishments. The Fukudaya Maki, for instance, serves eight different rolls in one platter. It comes with generous amounts of cucumber, egg, roast beef, duck, pork belly, shrimp, tuna, salmon, crab stick and negitoro (fatty tuna). The dish is like a filling tasting menu.

The grilled chicken teriyaki is served with foie gras at the center. The Gonzen Bento box is a complete meal of tender steak, sweet corn tofu, Japanese potato salad, eggplant with ampalaya and assorted sashimi. Raindrop cake is a popular dessert list at Fukudaya. There is a variety of in-house ice cream from black sesame, vanilla and matcha which go well with a serving of amitsu. Drinkers of single malt will want to try the Coffee Jelly infused with Hakushu Whiskey, a good starter for a night out on town.

Fukudaya is located at Arya Residences, McKinley Parkway, BGC, Taguig. For inquiries and reservations phone (916) 666 60 27

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