See the Lovely Christmas 2019 Celebrations of These Influential People

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Rather than reflecting the typical bright hues of Christmas, the Romero family dons on warm tones, displaying an air of warmth and elegance in this lovely photo. The facial resemblance within the family is also certainly delightful to look at.

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Merry chr……………….i think we got it πŸ“Έ

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Isabelle Daza had fun having this photo taken with her two most favorite boys in the world. With a witty caption, Isabelle shows the spontaneous moment perfectly captures their greeting; there’s no need to complete it.

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Happy happy Christmas! #thealberts

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Who says wearing matching Christmas outfits is an outdated theme? Cris Albert and her family prove it would always be a delight, especially when they chose to don on playful-looking sweaters and pajamas in striking red.

While celebrating Christmas in the country is unforgettable, spending it in another is a wonderful experience altogether. Rosanna Ocampo attests it with this beautiful photo with her family.

Tim Yap and Javi Martinez may not have posted a typical Christmas photo with glimmering lights and decorated trees in the background. Yet this shot shows how their second year of spending Christmas together as husbands is filled with love, reflecting the true spirit of the yuletide season.

Keri Zamora knew to be grateful for all the wonderful blessing she and her family received this year. For this year’s Christmas photo, they wore shades of reds and blues, alternating it with one another for a perfect balance.

Esteemed designer Amina Aranaz could not help hide her surprise and delight when her husband was also caught in the camera during this lovely mother-daughter moment.

There is nothing more memorable than celebrating your first Christmas with your family. Erika Dee made sure to capture the unforgettable day with her husband and son wearing matching outfits. Of course, the mother has to stand out with a version in bright, notice-me-red.

The Teo family has done it once more this year–matching pajamas is the most comfortable way to spend Christmas. Waking up early to have breakfast and open presents with your family are certainly one of the best feelings in the world.

Franco Laurel shows how Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year with this endearing photo with this family. With every member posing in strange expressions and ways, merriment is definitely in the air.

Presents come not only in material things and Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi knows this. They also come in the form of her two precious sons who give her love and happiness in life.

The well-known designer of elegant and feminine creations took the holiday celebration in regal tones. Vania Romoff welcomed Christmas with her husband and daughter dressed in their finest outfits, resembling a royal family.

Reflecting peace and purity of the season in their outfits, Happy Ongpauco-Tiu with her family wishes everyone the best gifts one can receive this Christmas.

While some celebrated the holidays in a winter wonderland, Jenni Epperson and her family spent it right here amidst the tropical climate of our country. They donned on Hawaiian shirts in vibrant colors to express the warmth of their Christmas greeting.

Festivity is in the air with the bright smiles of Dra. Vicki Belo, Hayden Kho, and daughter Scarlet Snow who celebrated Christmas with the Laudes. There really is nothing more wonderful than spending the season with more of your loved ones.

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