Serendipitous Surprises:Capturing Moments Of Unexpected Delight

This peaceful sanctuary transcends the four walls of events spaces through its breathtaking natural backdrops and modern, world-class amenities.

On a rainy and leisurely Saturday afternoon while indulging in dessert and conversations at the Beyond Four Walls event in Lakehall at Nena’s Sanctuary, chairman Donnie Tantoco nonchalantly shared a story of serendipity: “Someone once said, that ‘we make plans and God guides our steps.’ This is ultimately what serendipity means to me.” 

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Nena Tantoco

He adds, “Hopefully the families that make their way to Nena’s Sanctuary will be fulfilled in ways that they expect, or the reasons why they consciously decided to come here. But we would also like the experience to have serendipitous surprises. Serendipity especially when it comes to the experience of visiting Nena’s Sanctuary means to encounter something special and significant that you did not expect. It found you when you were not really looking for it. I believe that the ingredients, the dots to collect and connect that will shape our dreams and goals, bring us internal peace and joy, come from serendipity. I told our team, let us be intentional about maximizing the potential for serendipity to happen inside our world. We are in the midst of nature, and nature is the best environment to capture, enable, and organize pure moments of serendipity. This is possible if we think of ourselves as experienced curators and if we truly and innately honor and celebrate nature and the creator of nature.” 

Zoe Tantoco and Nena Tantoco

The event included retail pop-ups by Dough & Grocer, Type A Coffee, Recess, Hindy Weber, and Fifty Shades of Dough, among others. The events gallery showcased impressive design interpretations for the wedding of your dreams by Anton Barretto, Zenas Pineda, Moss Manila. One of the event highlights was Cibo di Marghi’s restaurant takeover by Margarita Forés that delighted guests with its exclusively curated menu for Lakehall. 

Michelle and Ernie Lopez

Merging the beautiful and breathtaking lakeside, golf course, and garden views with contemporary, and world-class amenities, Lakehall is the newly opened event space featuring multiple and gorgeous indoor and outdoor spaces as a backdrop for a multitude of experiences. 

Bea Tantoco, Yvette Fernandez, Nena Tantoco, and Donnie Tantoco


Located within the grounds of Sta. Elena Golf and Country Estate in Sta. Rosa Laguna, Lakehall offers beyond what an event space is expected to be. Lakehall president, Crickette Tantoco, shares the ultimate vision of Lakehall, “Nena’s sanctuary is our children’s tribute to their grandparents and a wellspring of what will hopefully be opportunities where they can grow, express their creativity, and pursue their dreams. It is an experience that owns joy: engaging the senses, inspiring passion, encouraging discovery, and evoking wonder. A beautiful and lifestyle destination that eliminates pain points to deliver a relaxing, inspiring experience, with a range of expert and engaging activities.”

Lakehall product display of the participating market pop-ups available for the launch month festivity

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Photos courtesy of Lakehall At Nena’s Sanctuary.

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