Shell LiveWIRE Opens Its Doors to Filipino Creativity and Innovation

Filipino entrepreneurs now have a chance to put their innovative ideas into action

uHoo is one of the businesses currently enrolled in Shell LiveWIRE Philippines’ start-up boot camp

As much as we would like to believe that it’s only a theoretical concept, unemployment is still a substantial problem in the Philippines. One may think it’s easy to turn a blind eye and go about their day but in reality, it’s the exact opposite. To address this nationwide concern, different projects and programs have launched in the Philippines as a way to kickstart the journey towards a rise in our country’s economy and employment–one of which was Shell LiveWIRE.

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The flagship enterprise development program of Shell called Shell LiveWIRE was officially set in motion in the country last September 25, 2020. In partnership with the Filipino government, the virtual event launch served as the official call for collaborators of the program, aligning with a national push in support of innovation and start-up businesses. According to Shell Vice President for External and Government Relations Serge Bernal, “New ideas are what drive the future of nation-building, but many aspiring entrepreneurs struggle to make those ideas a reality without the right support.” Through this global program, various job opportunities and different kinds of aid will be waiting for numerous Filipinos from all over the country.

It’s only the beginning

At the time of the launch, there have already been 155 local entrepreneurs that applied to join Shell LiveWIRE Philippines and its start-up acceleration, training, mentoring, and coaching program. Some of these entrepreneurs and start-ups include a banking services platform that gives financial services to small businesses owners, an eco-tourism company that provides sustainable livelihoods to locals, and a coconut farmer-led group that produces different items made out of coconut waste.

Visit Shell LiveWIRE’s website to learn more about their mission to stimulate the local economy through entrepreneurship, innovation, and meaningful employment.

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