Shopping with a Cause: Adrienne Ley Shares Her Go-to Online Shops and Recent Discoveries

As the devastating economic effects of the global pandemic see the closures of many of our favorite fashion houses and lifestyle brands, we also see the emergence of a fast-rising online retail industry as a means to continue our creative narratives and means of self-expression. Adrienne Ley, a well-known figure in young society opens her home and shares with us, her favorite finds. As a beauty advocate, she has the taste and feel for great quality items and a discerning eye for fantastic purchases in both local and international markets.

The recent socioeconomic conundrum is something that quickly caught her attention. And for that, a more conscious undertaking was necessary for her in order to salvage the industry, especially emerging brands and local businesses. Adrienne shares, “I became more conscious [of] my purchases, actively choosing to buy more from small businesses and our homegrown brands by Filipino designers to help support our local retail industry.”

Premium skincare cult faves from @heybeautiful_mnl

Adrienne addresses how much of these unique ideas have given a distinct type of satisfaction to both loyal customers and curious enthusiasts. She cites, “The entire shopper journey can be experienced on our digital devices—from e-catalogues complete with fellow shoppers’ ratings and reviews, live shopping parties hosted by trusted experts or trending influencers, virtual assistants and quizzes to help you decide what to purchase, and eventual home virtual reality (for “trying on” clothes and cosmetics). With its accessibility and engaging content, the seamless omniretail experience is here to stay in the new normal.”

Ergonomic “Sayl” chair by Herman Miller which is a must-have investment for anyone who’s working from home! Its standout design combines both form and function making it so easy on the eyes.
Memory Lane candles warmer to safely burn candles at home
This top by Rajo Laurel is perfect for Zoom calls (What she’s wearing in the photo) since the details are focused on the sleeves and neckline. My mom and I fell in love with all of the chic and easy pieces from the Hacienda SS 2020 collection featured in Rajo’s first virtual fashion show directed by Robby Carmona—perfect for lounging at home during the lockdown.
Beauty fridge from @beautyfridgeph to keep all of my skincare products fresh and cool—especially my jade roller and face masks.

Read the full story written by Pipo Gonzales in Lifestyle Asia’s September 2020 issue, titled “Have Courage.”

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