Skin Goals: How Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez Achieves the “No-Frills” Beauty Look with Ultherapy® - Sponsored

Everything you need to know about her non-invasive skin ritual for four years and counting

When fashion designer and mom of two Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez was in her late 30s, she shared how 40 was a number that really scared her. This sent her on a mission to find the best preventative measures to slow the signs of aging and be on the lookout for the procedure most suited for her understated lifestyle. “I’m sort of a no-frills kind of girl. When it comes to skincare, I never liked the 10-step routine and it’s never been my thing.”

It wasn’t until she saw her friends and some celebrities undergo a non-invasive skin lifting procedure that it suddenly piqued her curiosity. It ticked all her boxes: non-invasive, low-maintenance, and long-lasting results. That’s how she discovered Ultherapy®. “I’m a full-time working mom so it was always hard for me to commit to a treatment that needed regular maintenance. When [it] was casually presented to me, it appealed to me immediately because it’s a one-time procedure with no downtime,” shares the designer.

Since its launch in 2008 and in the U.S. in 2009 by Merz Aesthetics®, the treatment became an instant hit worldwide. Ultherapy® is the Gold Standard for non-invasive treatment that is an alternative to a facelift. Through a unique micro-focused ultrasound with visualization technology, the skin is tightened in the neck, face, eyebrows, and even the chest area. It also improves fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating active collagen production to create firmer skin and achieve a youthful glow.

Through Ultherapy®, the Le Weekend creative director can balance her work and family duties as it is low maintenance and no downtime procedure

40 minutes once a year—that’s all it takes to get volume on your eyes, lifted jawline and cheeks, reduced fine lines, and a smooth glow to your face. Now at 41, the fashion veteran’s positive experience with Ultherapy® has made her loyal to the treatment as it fits well into her bustling life managing her eponymous brand and home wear brand, Le Weekend, along with her family duties. “Once [I’ve] tried it, I never looked back,” says Ocampo-Rodriguez.

Fixing her post-pandemic skin woes

The skin lifting ritual that she has been committed to for four years now showed promising results each time in just a few months. However, due to the pandemic, Rosanna was faced with the dilemma of missing out on her much-needed yearly beauty routine. Her jawline and cheeks started to sag a bit and she lost the volume in her eyes since, at that time, it had been more than a year since her last session. This prompted her to consult with Dr Aivee Teo about these changes. The popular skin and aesthetics practitioner recommended an undereye Ultherapy® session to remedy the fashion designer’s concerns.

Dr Aivee Teo of The Aivee Clinic has been the fashion designer’s go-to practitioner for her yearly treatment of Ultherapy®

She also shares how much she has missed the treatment and even after so long she was still blown away by the results. In fact, her most recent session was perfectly timed a month before leaving for her trip abroad. Rosanna adds: “They explained to me that because I already tried Ultherapy® previously, the collagen in my face is already awake. It takes less time to stimulate it. And that was amazing!”

Ever since Rosanna became a fan of this gold standard non-invasive skin lifting procedure, she has recommended the treatment to her many friends both local and abroad. And each one of them has been very happy with the results, too. “I’ve posted [the Ultherapy® treatment] videos, and I still look the same [post-procedure]—just an enhanced version of me. That’s how I was able to convince so many friends as well as family,” shares Ocampo-Rodriguez.

The “It” mom continues to see herself fully committed to her yearly beauty routine along with 2 million satisfied patients. For her, it’s truly worth its price and it’s a must-have for anyone who wants to exude confidence and feel beautiful despite living a busy life.

Book only at a trusted and accredited Ultherapy® provider by visiting their website. To learn more about Ultherapy®, follow @UltherapyPH on Instagram and Facebook.

Merz Aesthetics® and Utlherapy® are the registered trademarks of the Merz group of companies.


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Disclaimer: All medical claims and studies in this article are provided by Merz Philippines Healthcare Inc. 


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