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This building brings a whole new meaning to “stretched thin.”

Popularly known as Steinway Tower, 111 West 57th Street is an unmistakable fixture of the Manhattan skyline. With a height-to-width ratio of 1:24, the building’s developers say it is the “most slender skyscraper in the world.”

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The 435-meter structure is also one of the tallest buildings in the West, just below One World Trade Center and Central Park Tower.

Steinway Tower divides Central Park in half with its perfectly symmetrical location akin to the urban landmark.

The tower itself is a historical foundation that has evolved into a contemporary landmark. This follows the construction of a new tower that finished in 2020.

SHoP architects designed the new tower while Studio Sofield imagined its bespoke interiors.

“It’s practically calligraphic. It will glint on the skyline, thanks to a genuinely opulent exterior finished in terracotta and bronze,” New York Magazine’s Justin Davidson described the tower.

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Now, the development is open to residents with 60 apartments throughout its 84 stories.

The tower’s residences feature central entrance galleries, multidirectional views, and tall ceiling heights.

Available units, in interior size, are between 240 to 662 square meters. Their prices range from $7.75 million to $66 million.

Pencil towers spanning 50 to 90 or more stories have evolved in New York over the past decade. Structural engineers generally consider skyscrapers with a minimum 1:10 or 1:12 to be “slender.”

“These pencil-thin periscopes…use a development and design strategy of slenderness to pile their city-regulated maximum square feet of floor area as high in the sky as possible to create luxury apartments defined by spectacular views,” The Skyscraper Museum explained.

Banner Photo via 111 West 57th Street’s Website

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