A Glimpse Of The Fashion, Beauty, Or Publishing Life

These shows depict a close-to-reality-life of working in fashion, beauty, and publishing. 

The worlds of fashion, beauty, and publishing are some of the most glamorous fields that one can enter. Access to jaw-dropping events, connections and networking with illustrious personalities, and a lifestyle fueled by trends. Jobs from these industries are highly coveted and dreamed by many. Moreover, films and television are the basis of people who aspire to be in these industries—a romanticized version of working in the fashion, beauty, and publishing industries usually forms the dream of working in the highly glamorous industries. 

From movies such as The Devil Wears Prada and 13 Going 30 to shows like Sex In The City and Ugly Betty, these are beloved portrayals of working in the said industries. However, watching these movies and shows is like watching a utopian reality where working in such industries seems fun and easy. Furthermore, some shows depict the real-life, or close to reality, of working in such industries.

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Glamorous is a show that follows a young queer person named Marco Mejia in his career as an executive assistant for a make-up mogul. The show explores the different highs and lows of working in the beauty industry. Moreover, the themes from the show range from the corporate side, like acquisitions and innovations, to the creative side, like formulating new make-up to creating new campaigns. 

poster glamorous
Glamorous poster/ Photo via iMDb

The Fabulous 

The K-drama, The Fabulous, follows four friends working in the fashion industry but from different sectors. Furthermore, they work in public relations and marketing, photography, modeling, and designing. The show follows the roller coaster ride of working in the fashion industry—from being blacklisted to being offered an exciting creative direction job—the show tells the tale of how passion for fashion goes a long way.

the fabulous poster
The Fabulous poster/ Photo via TMBD website

The Bold Type

Working in print media is not as easy as it seems. The Bold Type follows the life of three millennial women who are best friends working for a magazine. The show gives a glimpse into the editorial and corporate processes of creating a magazine. Furthermore, it explores the hard and fast-paced life of the publishing industry.

The Bold Type poster/ Photo via iMDb

Banner photo via TMDB website.

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