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In its series of new F&B projects, Sofitel debuts their new visiting Thai Chef, Anurak Kanittharat, this August to lead and upgrade Spiral’s Thai atelier bringing in a refreshing take on Thai cuisine that we’ve all been accustomed to. Sofitel previewed his modern Thai fare on August 27 to distinguished media and their partners from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Chef Anurak Kanittharat has had over 20 years professional experience and brings his culinary expertise to Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

Chef Anurak specializes in modern Asian flavors with his innovative culinary methods. His career spans over 20 years in different tenures across Thailand, Seychelles, and the Maldives. He is the Executive Chef of Grand Mercure Phuket Patong Resorts & Villas, a sister Accor property of Sofitel Manila. Now, with his recent stint in Manila from August 27 – September 1, he showcases his blend of classic Thai flavors and modern approach with a diverse and vibrant menu. Check out some of his dishes below.

Yum Som O Hoi Sell

Yum Som O Hoi Sell, a unique starting salad that fuses the savory sea flavors of scallops with refreshign zing of pomelo.

The flavors start strong with his unique starter salad, the Yum Som O Hoi Sell is a blend of savory, fruity, and crunchy. Queen scallops build the main protein of the dish with pomelo as a tangy fruity contrast to the seafood sumptuousness of the scallops. For a shift in texture crunchy coconut meat is tossed in for that added crisp. Everything is brought together by a sweet savory dressing that hits with the right amount of spice.

Larb Ped Yang

Larb Ped Yang, a blend of savory and sweet with the grilled duck breast paired with lime berry sauce.

Next we get a juicy dish with the Larb Ped Yang, a duck dish with cabbage and lime berry sauce and spicy mint. Again, you get an interesting blend of savory and sweet with the duck meat and the deep sweetness of the lime berry sauce. The cabbage adds crunch to the duck breast’s tender chew.

Thai Tom Yam Goong & Pad Thai Kai

Two classic Thai dishes followed, the Thai Tom Yam Goong and the Pad Thai Kai. The Tom Yam is rich and pungent as it should with just a hint of coconut milk for slight sweetness. A large tiger prawn dominates the bowl, marinating in the soup’s rich herbaceous flavor. The Pad Thai takes you to the streets of Bangkok with its straightforward taste carried by the velvety soft noodles with strands of fried egg, bean sprouts, and peanuts.

Tom Kha Panang Nua

Tom Kha Panang Nua, a juicy serving of beef tenderloin with two different sauces.

My personal favorite from the menu, the Tom Kha Panang Nua is a flavorful beef dish that hits you in two parts. A tenderloin steak cut into two, each slice coated with a different sauce. The first is an aromatic herb coconut lemon sauce that is bright and mellow highlighting the meat’s savory juices. While the other is a deep pungent curry sauce the imbues the meat with a kick in spice. Definitely a must-try when you visit.

Kluay Kaek

Kluay Kaek, a dessert that blends warm and cold with fried banana and coconut ice cream.

To finish, we get a hot-cold blend dessert with the Kluay Kaek. Warm crisp deep-fried banana with powdered sugar served with a double dollop of coconut ice cream. A balancing of temperatures, the melting sweetness of the ice cream seeps into the crunchy batter of the banana which makes for a coconut-y end to the Thai feast.

Blending the classic and the new, Kanittharat presents well established Thai elements and gives them his signature modern touch that elevates the taste of each dish he creates. With the addition of a new Chinese chef only a few months ago, and with Chef Anurak imbuing his unique take on their Thai fare, Sofitel continues to deliver new flavors to their roster giving patrons an ever changing and satisfying experience.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is located at CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila. For room reservations, contact (02) 573-5555.

Photos from Sofitel.

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