Sofitel’s Spiral at Home Will Be Your New Holiday Tradition - Dine

Spiral brings their classic atelier cooking to your intimate Christmas celebrations at home.

After the success of re-opening their signature buffet in October, Sofitel takes a festive turn this month and brings in a new roster of offerings to delight all of us celebrating Christmas in safe isolation. As diverse their dishes are in cuisine, Spiral mirrors this deletable diversity in their new Spiral at Home menu with box sets filled with flavors that take you around the world and back. Check out their menu below and add that Spiral touch to your noche buena.

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L’Epicerie Grazing Box

A sure beauty for the eyes at any feast Spiral’s L’Epicerie Grazing Box is available for Php 15,000 nett.

Opening the take-home line-up is their take on a grazing box, an homage to their iconic cheese room atelier— L’Epicerie. A good starter for any noche buena, the kit contains eight varieties of French and international cheeses and six varieties of premium cold cuts complemented with a baguette, crackers, fruits, nuts, and honey.


Indian Thali 

This treasure trove of exotic spices and unique flavors of India is available at Php 8,000 nett.

A Thali refers a large metal plate that is synonymous to a feast in Indian cuisine, Spiral lives up to its definition with a packed box set of achari chicken tikka, methi fish, lamb rogan josh, paneer butter masala, dal palak, basmati rice, naan bread, pickles, yoghurt, and papadum. All curated by their Indian Atelier’s Chef SK Afsar Rahaman, this spice-filled feast can happily feed four people as well as coming in a self-heating box for ease in serving.


Japanese Omakase Set

Now to the first of three Japanese box sets from their menu—all curated by Chef Masahiro Mizumoto. The Omakase set, which is good for four people, includes yakisoba, Japanese fried rice, salmon croquette, beef teriyaki, assorted yakitori, pork tonkatsu, scallop and oyster fry, and assorted pickles. Perfect for those looking for some savory umami this Christmas.


Japanese Chirashi Don Tray

This next Japanese set showcases more select flavors for those that missed out on their Japan trips this year. The luxurious Chirashi Don Tray has unagi (grilled eel), oboro (sweet shrimp paste), tamago, vinegared salmon on sushi rice, kani, shimesaba (vinegared mackerel), ikura (salmon roe), and boiled shrimp.

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Japanese Sushi Platter

Spiral at Home’s colorful Japanese Sushi Platter can be enjoyed by four to six people, priced at Php 8,000 nett.

Of course, no Spiral experience would be complete without their fresh sushi and sashimi, and their At Home version does not disappoint with this boxed platter. This vibrantly colored set includes oshinko and kappa maki (pickled radish, cucumber), inari sushi (sweet beancurd), ebi fry maki, dragon roll (shrimp tempura, tobiko, avocado), California maki (kani, tobiko, avocado), futomaki (tamagoyaki, kampyo, cucumber, boiled shrimp, unagi), salmon teriyaki roll, unagi sushi, and ebi nigari sushi.


Korean Signature Set

This K-set is good for four people and comes in a self-heating box, priced at Php 6,150 nett.

Moving on to other Asian flavors, their Korean Signature set offers everything you need for a full Christmas mukbang with Korean fried chicken, japchae, choice of either Korean beef stew or beef and chicken bulgogi combo, and banchan (selection of seasonal side dishes and kimchi).



For those looking to add more meat to their noche buena banquet, Spiral at Home has you covered with their savory packed Chrrasco set with 1.5kg slow-cooked barbecue beef brisket, whole dry-rubbed chicken or pork butt, a kilo of assorted butcher’s sausages with three varieties of sides and four varieties of condiments. You can even opt to upgrade the brisket to a US Choice Angus T-bone for an Italian Fiorentina steak.


Spiral Burger Royale Kit

The Spiral Burger Royale is available at Php 7,350 nett.

Lastly, when it comes to party food you really can’t go wrong with a classic burger and you can trust the culinary minds at Spiral know how to make a good juicy one. This good for four set includes Angus beef patties, foie gras slices, homemade brioche buns, onion marmalade, truffle mayonnaise, demiglace sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes.


For order inquiries, contact Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila at (0917) 309-2161 or via e-mail thru [email protected]. Spiral is located at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel CCP Complex 1300, Roxas Blvd, Pasay—open for dine-in at limited capacity.

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