Soulful Repetition: The Art Of Rewearing

To quote from Gossip Girl’s main IT girl, Blair Waldorf, “Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop.” Shopping for clothes, bags, and shoes is the best kind of not-so-free therapy. The rush of buying a cute dress, a lovely bag, or a whimsical pair of footwear is scientifically found to help reduce stress. Our love for fashion, or the general love for spending money, means we already have an extensive wardrobe. 

Having an extensive wardrobe means you have pieces of clothing that have probably been worn once or twice only. Furthermore, our affinity for buying clothes for specific occasions and events led to clothes being stuck in our closet since it was only worn once. Thus, the art of rewearing emerged. 

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Good For The Soul 

Rewearing or outfit repeating is seen in different fashion and social events. Just recently, the Vogue Philippines Gala carried the theme of rewearing. Guests of the highest echelons came in outfits that they bought years ago. This now poses the question, why is rewearing clothes so “in trend” all of a sudden? 

Shaira Luna shared on her Instagram how she bought this vintage dress and reworn it for the event
Shaira Luna in her Vogue Gala dress/ Photo via Instagram @shairaluna.wardrobe

The art of outfit repeating poses multiple benefits. From economics to self-improvement, these reasons are truly beneficial.


Outfit repeating is a sustainable act because you lessen your carbon footprint. Certainly, it is because you are not discarding clothes that are still usable—so as not to participate in filling up landfills that pollute the environment.

Shaira Luna is known for shopping in thrift stores
Shaira Luna in a thrift store/ Photo via Instagram @shairaluna.wardrobe

Practicing Creativity 

Looking at the clothes in your closet is like time traveling. You remember each moment you spent wearing that specific article of clothing. Of course, you cannot wear a top from the 2010s styled like the way you used to wear it before. This now challenges your creativity, matching and piecing together different pieces from different eras is a surely enjoyable conundrum. 

Anne Curtis' outfit which is a reworn YSL suit
Anne Cutis in a reworn Yves Saint Laurent piece/ Photo via Instagram @annecurtissmith

Economic Practicality 

Lastly, rewearing clothes saves you a lot of money. Reusing pieces multiple times prevents you from buying again and again. The art of outfit repeating lets you allocate less money on clothes since you already know that you still have pieces that can still be worn. 

piggy bank
Saving/ Photo by Cottonbro Studios via Pexels

Banner photo via Instagram @annecurtissmith.

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