Sparkling Time: Katy Perry Secures $4 Million in Funding for Her Non-Alcoholic Aperitif Company - The Scene

De Soi offers a range of NA aperitifs made with natural adaptogens, like reishi mushroom and ashwagandha.

In January 2022, Katy Perry founded a non-alcoholic (NA) beverage company, De Soi, with entrepreneur Morgan McLachlan. Since its entrance to the market, the sparkling NA drinks have been available on their website and in retailers such as Erewhon, Boisson, and Total Wine. 

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Now, they’ve raised $4 million in funding from capital investors Willow Growth and entertainment and sports agency Creative Artists Agency. For Perry, a 13-time Grammy nominated artist, the backing means expansion. “When you’re building a boutique business that’s now getting bigger—I mean, we’re only seven months into this business,” she tells Jeff Conway of Forbes.

“We started in dry January, which is the best launch for any non-alcoholic beverage!” 

Staying dry

Dry January is a campaign prompted by the nonprofit Alcohol Change UK. It had participants abstain from liquor to raise money for alcohol abuse and treatment. It then became a yearly movement, where some people take a break from drinking every January, especially after the surge of holiday festivities. 

In contrast to many of Perry’s show business colleagues, who developed lines of tequila, whiskey, champagne, and bottled cocktails—the singer’s taking a more wholesome approach. In Perry and McLachlan’s founder’s note, the moms say they wanted a bubbly and delicious drink that didn’t get in the way of early mornings and long nights. 

As a result, De Soi offers a range of NA aperitifs made with natural adaptogens, like reishi mushroom and ashwagandha. They provide three bittersweet flavors reminiscent of traditional aperitifs: Golden Hour (maple syrup, maca, lemon balm), Purple Lune (ashwagandha, tulsi, maple syrup), and Champignon Dreams (maple syrup, passion flower, reishi mushroom).

Authentic and natural 

Adaptogens, a broad class of herbs, botanicals, and mushrooms, are meant to provide stress-relieving and mood-improving effects. It’s become a popular drink to replace alcohol for health-conscious and sober curious folks. 

For the 37-year-old, advocating for wellness is just sharing her lifestyle. “The health and wellness adjacent stuff is very authentic and natural to me growing up in California, having an always organic mom, the one that went to the farmer’s market,” she continued.

“I’m always influenced by her, and we end up becoming our parents in a lot of ways. I’m just my mother’s daughter, I think.”

Banner photo from @drinkdesoi on Instagram.

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