Speaking Out: Grace Barbers-Baja is the Little Voice that Won’t Be Silenced - LA Lives

“I’m the little voice that empowers people to speak up.”

This is probably the best quote to summarize the force that is known as Grace Barbers-Baja. Grace is the daughter of the late Senator Robert Barbers and wife of investment banker Lauro Baja. She is also a mother of three.

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A few people might make the mistake of passing Grace off as just another pretty face upon seeing her. After all, her porcelain skin, chiseled nose, easy grace, and lilting laughter can easily lull someone into thinking that she’s just another lady who lunches but one conversation with Grace is more than enough to show you that though she may be one of those ladies who lunch, she is also a force to be reckoned with.

Catapulting into prominence back in 2012 when she started her blog, The Spoiled Mummy, Grace is more than just a blogger. In fact, she has gone above and beyond her blog having started three successful businesses since then. Still, this entrepreneur is just getting started.

She started Grace Home Manila where she sells the most exquisite candles and dinnerware along with other things such as linen to help beautify the home. Since Grace loves entertaining, she wanted to provide something to other women so that they can easily entertain at home.

She curated Taste by Grace, a line of healthy food products created by Grace herself. This project took 6 months of hard work because Grace wanted to make sure that Taste will not scrimp on quality and ingredients. After all, Grace believes that you need to give your all in everything that you do, big or small.

Her most recent passion project is called Gatherings by Grace. Grace believes that she needs to use whatever influence that has been bestowed upon her by empowering people to talk about things that are normally not openly discussed and encouraging people, specifically women, to ask questions.

This and a whole lot more is why Grace Barbers-Baja is an agent of change. She doesn’t let any boxed notion stop her from starting something new or going out of her comfort zone. She starts things when she feels bored and turns it into something beautiful. She affects the people around her with positivity and makes beautiful things out of nothing. She empowers women and enjoys seeing someone thrive and grow into a thing of beauty. Being around Grace is like being surrounded by a beautiful tornado: she will take you places and leave you spinning with new ideas to make things better.

Read the full story of Grace Barbers-Baja written by Kathy Kenny Ngo in Lifestyle Asia’s December 2019 – January 2020 edition titled, “Agents Of Change.”

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