How Luxury Brands Channel Humor In These New Campaigns

These fashion houses are making sure their names are on everyone’s mind.

By its very nature, designer fashion bears the image of exclusivity and luxury. But sometimes, luxury brands risk becoming too unattainable, even to their target consumers.

In an attempt to reach their audience, brands have come up with new marketing strategies like pushing their social media presence. Fashion houses have been taking advantage of the rise of Instagram and TikTok to promote their brands.

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Brands like Ralph Lauren and Burberry have also encouraged their audience to participate in challenges. This way, they’re engaging with consumers while gaining hundreds of millions of views.

Comedy as a means to connect

Aside from these moves to cultivate their online presence, some brands have also leaned into humorous and self-aware ad campaigns to relate with their consumers.

Dan Levy and Aubrey Plaza in Loewe's short film 'Decades of Confusion'
Image via Instagram @loewe

For example, Loewe recently released a short film titled Decades of Confusion. The production stars Aubrey Plaza and Dan Levy as they play out a spelling bee through various fashion eras. They’re seen wearing archive pieces from vintage looks from the 1970s to the present day.

It’s a tongue-in-cheek approach, as the brand acknowledges how consumers may have difficulty pronouncing or spelling the names of luxury fashion houses. Each time Plaza misspells the brand, Levy reveals more information about the luxury fashion house.

By enlisting well-known Hollywood comedians and poking fun at the brand’s own name, Loewe introduces its viewers to the lighter, less serious side of luxury fashion.

Playful brand recognition

In the same vein, designer fashion retailer SSENSE also released a spelling bee inspired campaign earlier last month. The company’s approach seemed more tailored for social media, compared to Loewe’s short film. Instead of having a full set for their spelling bee, SSENSE’s videos had a plain white background and was shot to fit the size of Instagram reels.

The SSENSE campaign featured several brands such as Thom Browne, Collina Strada,  Maison Margiela, and Eckhaus Latta. The fun twist is that they had children spelling out these brand names while wearing the respective designer clothing.

As the kids ask for the definition of the word, usage in a sentence, and language of origin, the offscreen spelling bee pronouncer offers more context about each brand.

For example, the girl assigned to Collina Strada was told “That girl wearing full Collina Strada is giving hyperpop fairy in the best way possible,” while embodying that very description. 

The whole campaign was a playful way to see the latest kidswear pieces while also learning more about each brand in an accessible manner.

Banner image via Instagram @loewe.

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