Indulgent Stays: The Most Expensive Airbnb Listings In The World

Traveling the world is a luxury in itself, but to stay in these most expensive Airbnb listings across the world provides a whole other experience.

Airbnb revolutionized the manner of going on vacations as they provide a different approach when it comes to hospitality. It functions as a hotel but it adds a homier feel as most Airbnbs are homestays or places that people had lived in. 

The vacation rental company revealed various splendid locations where travelers can stay during their holiday. Instant relaxation just comes to you.

The company grew from being “an exemplar of the sharing economy” to the world into offering “one of the most outrageous properties” available in the market. 

Here are some of the most expensive Airbnb listings in the world.

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The world’s most expensive Airbnb, Musha Cay

Musha Cay stands in the Exuma Chain of the southern Bahamas. Illusionist David Copperfield bought the property for $50 million, which is now available to rent for $60,000 per night. Musha Cay is the most expensive Airbnb in the world.

An aerial shot of Musha Cay in the Bahamas
An aerial shot of Musha Cay in the Bahamas/Photo via Airbnb

The property includes a 10,000 square-foot residence that can accommodate approximately 16 guests in 12 bedrooms and 13.5 bathrooms in the main house alone. Guests won’t have problems with space as the property boasts five separate houses to choose from. 

One of the full bathrooms with a jacuzzi in Musha Cay
One of the full bathrooms with a jacuzzi in Musha Cay/Photo via Airbnb

Its amenities include everything one can wish for in a dream beach vacation, like massage rooms, tennis courts, daybeds, paddle boards, a private dock for boarding vessels, pools, and a gym. The island’s central activity space called “The Landing” comprises a dining room, bar, lounge, a billiard room, and a viewing dock to admire the sunset.

The property includes their 30-person staff who are on call to help you with your island needs. 

An extravagant stay in La Datcha Cabo San Lucas Baja, California Sur, Mexico

La Datcha Cabo San Lucas stands on the Pacific coast in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. The property costs almost $40,000 per night. The villa features bright colors and textured interiors, patios, fountains, and terraces, and the locals handcrafted its furniture and decor. 

An exterior view of La Datcha Cabo San Lucas
An exterior view of La Datcha Cabo San Lucas/Photo via Airbnb

La Datcha features its beachfront location, one of the most coveted location types for maximum relaxation. Vacationers travel here for offshore fishing and water sports as well.

Three interconnected buildings make up the property with two to three floors each. The rooms showcase the Mexican-American style, which are made up of textiles, mosaics, and whimsical sculptures.

Their website says that the property “can only be booked as a whole for vacations with family, friends or partners.” The villa accommodates up to 20 people as it has two large bedrooms and eight regular ones, all equipped with an en-suite bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe. 

The property also has a team of staff, chefs, fitness facilities for those who have an active lifestyle, sauna, Turkish bath and a massage parlor as well as a couple of pools. 

Guests may view the property’s activities here.

Bali’s secret paradise, The Hidden Palace

The owners of the Hanging Gardens of Bali created The Hidden Palace, which is a jungle paradise that was formerly a private residence. It’s submerged within the forest in a hidden location and “has to be seen to be believed.” The property costs almost $35,000 per night as per Airbnb.

It boasts an exclusive five-villa residence which is designed to give guests an experience within raw nature and refined living. Their official website reports that the entire compound is a “secret paradise” waiting to be relished.

A tropical escape in The Hidden Palace
A tropical escape in The Hidden Palace/Photo via Airbnb

The Hidden Palace accommodates a large family with its luxurious individual suites: the Emperor Suite, Presidential Suite, Majestic Suite, and the Garden Suites. Space won’t be an issue upon checking in here. The property highlights sweeping views of the tropical rainforest, too. 

One of the majestic large rooms in The Hidden Palace
One of the majestic large rooms in The Hidden Palace/Photo via The Hidden Palace’s official website

The property included their available services upon checking in for the guests on here. They combine convenience and relaxation through their property’s generous privileges. Guests can check out their facilities here, too and will never have dull moments with their list of activities.

The warm and serene ambiance of Chalet Les Anges, Zermatt, Switzerland

Renowned interior architect Magali de Tscharner designed Chalet Les Enges, Zermatt, Switzerland, an elegantly composed chalet or a cottage. Mountain terrains surround the property, which provides the guests an opulent vacation. 

Chalet Les Enges with a spectacular view of the Matterhorn
Chalet Les Enges with a spectacular view of the Matterhorn/Photo via Airbnb

Chalet Les Enges costs a little over $30,000 per night with a minimum of seven nights’ stay as per Airbnb

The property features reclaimed wood spread over three floors, with panoramic windows where guests can view the breathtaking Matterhorn in the Alps. 

The property sleeps approximately 14 guests in its seven large bedrooms, wherein six of the rooms have an undisrupted Matterhorn view. De Tscharner designed the chalet with clean lines, symmetry, and modern colors for a welcoming and cozy feel. 

One of the bedrooms in the chalet with a view of the Matterhorn
One of the bedrooms in the chalet with a view of the Matterhorn/Photo via Airbnb

The chalet showcases a private indoor spa which includes a sauna, hammam steam room, massage rooms, and marble relaxation areas. Additionally, it also has ambient lighting, a fountain, ornamental pool, and a black granite plunge pool. 

With one of the most enviable of private indoor Spa areas found in the Alps including a sauna, hammam steam room, massage room, and a marble clad relaxation area. It also offers ambient light scenes, a fountain and ornamental pool, you can experience absolute bliss at any time you please.

Outside the Spa area guests may enjoy a 3 m2 black granite plunge pool with massaging jets and ambient underwater lighting. In true Les Anges style, the plunge pool and jacuzzi feature undisturbed views of the Matterhorn and surrounding mountain terrain. 

Banner photo via Airbnb.

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