BTS Donates 1 Billion Won To UNICEF On Behalf Of Their Fans

The donation follows the news of all members renewing their contract with Big Hit Music.

On September 20, BigHit Music confirmed that all seven members of the K-pop boy group BTS have renewed their contracts. While the members are pursuing solo endeavors and enlisting in mandatory military service, they have plans to reunite as a whole group in 2025.

“The board of directors has completed [their decision] on renewing the exclusive contracts of all seven members of BigHit Music’s artist BTS,” the agency said in a statement. “HYBE and BigHit Music will do everything we can to support and further improve BTS’ status.”

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In light of the good news, the group has made a generous donation of one billion Korean won (equivalent to around 42 million pesos) to UNICEF. In 2017, BTS joined hands with UNICEF to launch the LOVE MYSELF campaign.

BTS launches the Love Myself campaign
Image via the Love Myself campaign’s official website

The campaign aims to ensure that “children and teens in the world lead safe and healthy lives without the fear of violence.” The group’s fans—called “ARMY”—have joined in on raising funds for the campaign, supporting local communities all over the world.

The funds go into protecting victims of domestic and school violence as well as sexual assault. This is also used to provide education to local communities for violence prevention.

The most recent member to sign up for enlistment is Suga, fresh from his first solo tour. He’s the third member to enlist, following Jin and J-Hope.

RM's Instagram story post
Image via Instagram @rkive

Meanwhile, BTS’ leader RM assured fans that they will be back soon. Following the announcement of the contract renewal, he posted a story on Instagram. With a starry background image, he tagged the group’s official account then wrote “#ARMY” and “2025” with purple hearts on either side.

Banner images via the Love Myself campaign’s official website.

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