St. Luke's Proves to be an Unparalleled Leader in Patient Care

With St. Luke’s latest improvements, each patient is expected to experience state-of-the-art care and services

This year, healthcare has never been more important. Because of the global pandemic, various hospitals from all over the world have been working non-stop to ensure that every single patient receives the utmost care they deserve. This is why, for St. Luke’s Medical Center, providing improved and redefined medical and patient services is of utmost importance. Their passion for excellence has been the foundation of St. Luke’s mission to deliver state-of-the-art healthcare to its patients.

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The beginning of quality patient care

St. Luke’s Customer Care Unit was launched in 1986 with only three people. While relatively new to the venture, they also modeled their Concierge Service after a hotel to elicit the high-quality service feel. These were followed by the introduction of St. Luke’s Patient Experience Group in 2006.

To provide support to patients as they move from screening, diagnosis, treatment, and completion of care, St. Luke’s will now have Patient Care Navigators (PCN) at every access point of their hospitals. The PCNs will guide patients throughout their hospital journey from pre-admission to post-discharge. They will also assist patients and help organize their hospital itinerary based on their treatment requirements. 

Hassle-free admission and discharge

St. Luke’s continues to provide a more seamless experience for patients and their family members from pre-admission to post-discharge. Once confirmed by the doctor, the PCN will coordinate preliminary requirements such as scheduling and creating the preoperative care plan for outpatient surgical cases. Likewise, the hospital will make sure patients will be assisted from the main lobby to the operating room on the day of the surgery.

St. Luke’s has also improved its admission process. Admission forms are now accessible online while the doctor’s admitting orders can be sent through email. For the room cueing process, patients can simply call the Admission Office or email the hospital. Upon submission of the signed health declaration form, admitting order, and the filled out room line-up form, the admission office will confirm room availability before or on the scheduled day of admission. When everything is confirmed, patients may proceed to the Admission Office before being escorted to the assigned room.

The patient will experience St. Luke’s brand of high-quality service until recovery. The Concierge staff will go to the patient’s room for in-room discharge should the patient has full insurance coverage. Meanwhile, the International Patients’ Lounge is available for patients with coverage from international insurance. Furthermore, the HMO Concierge and Corporate Business Center are available for patients with local insurance coverage and corporate accounts, respectively.

Giving comfort and ease

Since aesthetic and amenities play a vital role in creating a conducive ambiance in heath and wellness, St. Luke’s has improved its patient room setup to provide better comfort as well as to encourage recovery. The hospital beds now come with printed comforters while an art wall is set up inside the patient’s room for a homey feel. A digital compendium of patient concierge services, a phone charging area, essential toiletries, complimentary coffee and tea, and minibar items are also provided inside the patient’s room.

Healthy and happy meal choices

St. Luke’s has also upgraded and expanded its meal selection to satisfy the taste buds of patients while giving them healthy choices. Signature breakfast plates are available for pediatric patients while mothers giving birth at St. Luke’s are given a free three-course dinner the night before their hospital discharge.

Convenience is key

For hassle-free transactions, St. Luke’s has a dedicated concierge area for each patient type, online payment and scheduling for high-volume procedures, MyHMO Expresslane for easy LOA processing, and exclusive “I am a St. Luke’s baby” outfit as a welcome gift for newborns.

Following the launch of their renewed vision, mission, and values of delivering a compassionate and patient-centered experience, St. Luke’s continues to prove that it is an unparalleled leader in patient care. To know more about their latest improvements, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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