‘Music Icons’ Auction Features Items From Esteemed Musicians

Auction event “Music Icons” include items from renowned musicians in the industry from all genres which commences this February 27.

Julien’s Auctions pays tribute to celebrated artists in their “Music Icons” auction. It includes a plethora of beloved items that these celebrities once wore or used. The auction company mentioned it will spotlight more than 100 items from influential female artists and male icons like Freddie Mercury and The Beatles, to name a few.

The event will commence both live and online on February 27. Here are some of the objects you can look forward to.

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The Beatles’ signed baseball

A Spalding baseball that all four members of The Beatles signed has the highest estimate, between $50,000 to $70,000, in the “Music Icons” auction.

George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr performed their final concert in California’s Candlestick Park in 1966. The venue was the former home of major league baseball team, San Francisco Giants, where a certain Mike Murphy worked as clubhouse assistant manager. The four members bestowed the baseball to Murphy, after which he gifted it to his sister, Anna, and sold it to a collector named Terry Flores. The stadium was demolished in 2015.

The ball was restored and protected from light, maintaining its condition 50 years later, according to Julien’s Auctions. The winning bid will obtain the item with a letter of authenticity from Flores, and a certificate of authenticity from Tracks Ltd. 

A Michael Jackson jacket

Michael Jackson fans would be pleased with this “Music Icons” item as the late King of Pop’s jacket goes for auction. Its current estimate in the Julien’s Auctions website is between $40,000 to $60,000.

Michael Jackson’s jacket is for auction
Michael Jackson’s jacket is for auction/Photo from Julien’s Auctions

Jackson wore a black rip-stop nylon long-sleeve jacket at the BRIT Awards held in London in 1996. The jacket includes a white reflective plastic collar, epaulets, and decorative piping and a Dennis Tompkins Michael Bush label. The late musician accepted the Artist of a Generation award in the event and wore the outfit mentioned.

Michael Jackson won the Artist of a Generation at the BRIT Awards where he wore the jacket, currently for auction.

Dolly Parton’s jade green outfit

Singer, actress, and philanthropist Dolly Parton has something to contribute to the “Music Icons” auctions, too. Her 1970s stage and album cover outfit is up for grabs, with estimates amounting between $20,000 to $40,000.

Dolly Parton wearing her jade green outfit, now for auction
Dolly Parton wearing her jade green outfit, now for auction/Photo from Julien’s Auctions

Parton’s outfit is a figure-hugging jade green ensemble with embellished stones and sequins. It has a snug fitting bodice with bell sleeves, fitted waist, bell-bottom trousers, and a maker’s label that read “Exclusive Design for Dolly Parton.” She wore it in 1974 during a performance in Texas and on her In The Beginning album in 1978. Winning bidder will also get a copy of the album.

Dolly Parton’s “In The Beginning” will accompany the outfit for the winning bidder to enjoy
Dolly Parton’s “In The Beginning” will accompany the outfit for the winning bidder to enjoy/Photo from Julien’s Auctions

Freddie Mercury’s handwritten lyrics

The “Music Icons” auction will include something of Queen’s Freddie Mercury this month. His handwritten lyrics are estimated between $20,000 to $30,000.

Julien’s Auctions mentioned the lyrics were from an unreleased song. The sheets read: “It’s a world of give and take / a calculated risk reason / Love inside a prison / Destiny at stake / Trapped by your own admission … When you can’t handle the strain / The tug of war of being in love / The challenge and the pace human race.” A letter of provenance accompanies the 6×4 inches lyrics sheets. 

Freddie Mercury’s lyrics from an unreleased song
Freddie Mercury’s lyrics from an unreleased song/Photo from Julien’s Auctions

Select outfits from Madonna

A couple of Madonna’s used outfits are included in the “Music Icons” auction. The estimates of her outfits are between $4,000 to $20,000. 

Her Evita houndstooth skirt suit joined the auctioned items. It is a burgundy and pale pink ensemble which she had on when she played as Eva Peron in 1996. The skirt suit has deep burgundy satin lining and a decorative buckle. A DVD of the film and a certificate of authenticity accompany the lot.

Madonna’s Evita houndstooth skirt
Madonna’s Evita houndstooth skirt/Photo from Julien’s Auctions

Madonna’s “Material Girl” music video silk robe from 1984 will also join the auction lot. It has black and gold vertical stripes and a belt to enclose the ensemble. There are minor wears and tears present on the robe due to age according to Julien’s Auctions. Madonna’s photo wearing the outfit and a certificate of authenticity will come with the lot.

Madonna’s silk robe from her “Material Girl” music video
Madonna’s silk robe from her “Material Girl” music video/Photo from Julien’s Auctions

Other items from the musical icon include her Evita floral dress and a three-piece suit she wore in the October 1996 issue of Vogue.

Taylor Swift’s magazine shoot guitar

Singer/songwriter Taylor Swift had a magazine shoot for Glamour magazine in 2014, and the guitar she used is up for auction. The estimates of the item amount between $8,000 to $12,000. 

The guitar, a 1991 Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite model, is a translucent cerulean blue finish with a mahogany and chromyte body and a maple top. It showcases the guitar’s Humbucker pickups and original hard case. Swift used the item as a prop for Glamour in 2014, and the lot will include the magazine where she is featured on the cover.

Other props she used in the shoot also join the auction: pillows, a trunk, an amplifier, a tambourine, and a polaroid camera. These all come with copies of the magazine.

Taylor Swift's "Glamour" shoot highlighted where she used the 1991 Gibson guitar and the rest of the props which are also for auction.
Taylor Swift’s “Glamour” shoot highlighted where she used the 1991 Gibson guitar and the rest of the props which are also for auction. /Photo from Julien’s Auctions

Other “Music Icons” items

The auction event will spotlight items from Katy Perry, Amy Winehouse, Nirvana, Kenny Rogers, Whitney Houston, and more. Gibson, through Gibson Gives, will also donate a special collection of their guitars on the special occasion.

Julien’s Auctions’ co-founder Martin Nolan said the auction celebrates the musical icons and music education. “We’re excited to offer fans and collectors a chance to own a piece of music history while contributing to a noble cause,” he remarked.

Banner photo from Julien’s Auctions.

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