Start Holiday Gift Shopping Early: Trust BFF Manila for Your Beauty Buys

Purchasing presents as early as now will give you a hassle-free holiday experience, so let BFF Manila help you find your beauty gift needs

One of the best lessons we’ve learned from the early stages of the global health crisis is the need to adapt and find safer solutions when doing most of our lifestyle routines. From learning new recipes (or even the art of cooking simply) to break the monotony of home cooking to revisiting old pastimes we’ve left due to our busy schedules, there came the necessity of forming new habits and discovering new obsessions. For avid shoppers who enjoy strolling along air-conditioned halls of our favorite malls, smelling, touching, or even tasting products was substituted with adding items to a cart, clicking a button, and waiting with bated breath for a package we hope will come earlier than expected.

At the height of the pandemic, my purchases centered mostly on home cooking devices. I bought a blender, a rice cooker, a stove, and a food processor. I also got into the workout-from-home trend, buying gym equipment I can use indoors such as a mat, gym bands, and a set of weights. Early this year, our current Managing Editor for the print magazine Sara Siguion-Reyna told us about a new online shop for beauty products that sell hard-to-find goods that are trusted by many experts and influencers. We featured BFF Manila on our September 2020 issue (get a copy now or download a digital version online) and we were introduced to K’Porsajika Thongsuk and Nattavut Dechavichit’s vision.

Managing Director Katrina Eusebio reached out to share Sara’s wonderful experience with BFF Manila. Now, I am no expert when it comes to beauty products—I defer to Sara when I need advice. But shopping for beauty products is something many guys like me can relate to—for our moms, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, or whoever needs a self-care package. With Christmas around the corner, I took the opportunity to test the shopping experience for myself. Katrina sent me instructions, and off I went, checking the website and enjoying its features.

BFF Manila offers more than 100 different luxury beauty products from prestigious brands all over the world. The user interface, though feminine in design, is not intimidating for the boyfriend who wants the best for his girl. The main page directly offers viewing options that address many of our concerns: by brand (for the brand-specific shopper), by product (for those looking to compare), and even by skin type and skin concern (for those who wish to optimize the dermal benefits of the offerings). There is also a section that directs you to the promos they have for the season if you are looking for sweet deals.

BFF Manila Dr. Barbara Sturm 111Skin
Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hollywood-famous products that address sensitive skin needs and 111Skin’s black diamond-infused items that supercharge the skin, are considered holy grails in the industry for its luxurious and effective skin benefits.

Once you’ve clicked on the last button, confirming takes up to 48 hours. And while they advise a delivery time of two weeks, mine came in within 10 days since confirmation—which is pretty quick considering the restrictions imposed around Manila. My package was well-protected and covered safely, and it included a note from the team, thanking me for the purchase. It felt warm and friendly down to the delivery. Overall, the experience was encouraging, and I immediately shared what transpired to my friends who are eager to finish their Christmas lists before November.

BFF Manila
This cheery note was a welcome gesture from the company and encouraged me to really check their products out for myself after.

For the hassle-free, stress-free, and holiday rush-free experience, I extend the invitation to the reader. Go to their website, find the products you wish to give (and receive for yourself because yes, self-care is essential), and start adding to your cart of highly-coveted luxury beauty brands and products waiting to be wrapped and sent to the happy receiver this Christmas season. Share the joys of an easy online shopping experience to friends and family, and discover a new BFF with BFF Manila.

For a taste of the luxury beauty shopping experience, visit You can also seek the expert advice of the BFF Beauty Experts via Instagram or Viber (0918-8-BFFMNL).

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