Filipino Artist Revisits His Starting Point In A New Collection

This tenured artist returns to the medium that launched his career after focusing on other forms.

Sculpting started as a hobby for Carlos in the 1980s. “When I switched to being a full-time artist over twenty years ago, I focused mainly on paintings,” the artist shared. As his career grew, he produced fewer and fewer sculptures; hence, this new collection emphasizes the medium that launched his career. Since the artist focused more on paintings, he made fewer sculptures except for commissioned pieces—though his love for making sculptures never waned.

“The Harvest”/Photo courtesy of Galeria Paloma

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Back to form

Carlos’ journey to becoming an artist is attributed to his artistic family and friends. His father is the modernist architect Julio Victor Rocha. Carlos’ father also surrounded him with creative people, such as National Artists Vicente Manansala and Victorio Edades. His exposure to the art industry did not stop there-his wife was the owner of Galeria Mia, a gallery along Arnaiz Avenue. 

Carlos/Photo courtesy of Galeria Paloma

The gallery carried different notable artists back then, moreover, the gallery also supported up coming artists. Furthermore, his wife encouraged Carlos to sell the sculpture he was working on—and the rest was history. They didn’t expect the warm reception his wife’s clients to his sculptures. 

Carlos often create sculptures that depicts men and women at work—fishermen, vendors, bullfighters, etc. The artist also often create sculptures of families. There is movement in the stilness of his sculptures, which communicates the emotions Carlos wants his audience to feel.  

“The Casting”/Photo courtesy of Galeria Paloma

Galeria Paloma presents Stop.Motion an exhibition of artworks by Carlos, on July 7 to 9, 2023 at the North Court of Power Plant Mall. The exhibit puts a special focus on his sculptures. Carlos’ signature, bright, colorful, and joyful canvases will also be on display, as well as his collection of animated paintings motion-designed by IJ Cacnio. 

“Deep Fascination”/Photo courtesy of Galeria Paloma

Banner photo by Galerie Paloma.

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