Stay For Nature: Five Of Asia’s Most Eco-Friendly Luxury Resorts

Who says luxury and sustainability can’t co-exist?

Are you conscious about the environment but still looking for a lavish getaway? 

These luxury resorts in Asia are committed to prioritizing the planet’s health while still providing their guests with comfortable accommodations and excellent service.

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Get ready to indulge in your vacation while staying at these ecologically mindful establishments.

Soneva Kiri in Thailand

Soneva Kiri has been a pioneer in the intersection of environmental and luxe living. Immersing guests in nature, the resort offers 34 ocean-facing villas amid a lush jungle. The villas come complete with private swimming pools, roofless bathrooms, a treehouse for kids, and more.

Soneva Kiri in Thailand
Image via Soneva’s website

The resort even has its own organization dedicated to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions called The Soneva Foundation. Its drinking water supply is completely self-sufficient and packaged in reusable containers, helping keep the resort plastic-free.

Treepod Dining at Soneva Kiri
Image via Soneva’s website

The amenities offered to each guest are packaged in recycled paper while the toothbrushes are made from timber. With its own fruit and vegetable garden, you can be assured that the resort only serves the freshest of ingredients.

Cap Karoso in Indonesia

Surrounded by coral reefs, lagoons, and traditional villages, Cap Karoso is the ideal eco-luxe getaway for the curious traveler. Spanning a two-acre organic farm and beachfront on the island of Sumba, architect Gary Fell and Bitte Design Studio have successfully incorporated sustainable elements into each villa.

Cap Karoso villa
Image via Instagram @cap_karoso

The resort has an eco-friendly water treatment system and solar panels that supply half of the property’s energy. Cap Karoso also made it a point to hire predominantly local staff, incorporate fresh produce in their menus, and plan for coral conservation.

Cap Karoso beach club
Image via Instagram @cap_karoso

With an art residency, beach club, and plenty of cultural experiences to explore, this is the place to be if you want to unplug and unwind.

Jetwing Surf in Sri Lanka

Situated on the island’s eastern coast, Jetwing Surf offers a piece of eco-luxury on the beaches of Arugam Bay. Designed by architect John Balmond, the hotel’s structures are inspired by sea shells and made with wood, woven coconut palm leaves, and dried iluk grass.

Jetwing Surf room
Image via Instagram @jetwingsurf

Using these environmentally friendly materials, the surf resort has successfully created a sustainable luxury accommodation that preserves the wonders of its surrounding landscapes.

Jetwing Surf pool and beach view
Image via Instagram @jetwingsurf

The resort is perfect for travelers looking for unexplored destinations and the best waves for surfing.

El Nido Resorts in the Philippines

The four destinations that make up El Nido Resorts are dedicated to sustainable living, be it through their menus, nature-based activities, or use of renewable materials in construction.

El Nido Pangulasian Island Resort
Image via Instagram @elnidoresorts

They are also committed to linking with local communities, providing them with employment opportunities and purchasing their products, which are incorporated into El Nido Resorts’ amenities. These include bags and slippers from traditional weavers. The resorts also encourage guests to go out and experience the local culture.

El Nido Pangulasian Island Resort
Image via Instagram @elnidoresorts

With successful programs for sustainable operations, nature conservation, and environmental education, the series of resorts promise a guilt-free luxury getaway in Palawan.

Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia

Located on a private island, Song Saa calls itself an ethical luxury resort in Cambodia. Created with sustainability in mind, CEO Melita Koulmandas Hunter ensured that the resort was crafted from reclaimed timber and other materials that are found in the country itself.

Song Saa Private Island
Image via Instagram @songsaaprivateisland

Styled with up-cycled decor and repurposed furniture, almost nothing has gone to waste in the construction of the resort. Its sewage and irrigation system also recycles 100% of the waste created.

Song Saa Private Island villa
Image via Instagram @songsaaprivateisland

As for their menu, Song Saa uses locally-sourced ingredients, such as wildlife-friendly Ibis rice from farmers in the North and seafood from local fishermen who employ sustainable fishing methods. Fruits and vegetables are also grown onsite.

Whether you’re an active explorer or an idle visitor, these resorts offer experiences that are good for their guests and the earth.

Banner image via Instagram @cap_karoso.

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