Have An Ultimate Bonding Experience With Your Mom at Sofitel Manila

Sofitel Philippine Plaza offers you and your mom a luxurious staycation in the five-star hotel. Experience ultimate pampering and gastronomic feasts in a staycation with the “light of the home” for Mother’s Day this May 10-12, 2019.

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Family suite with receiving area and balcony. (Photograph from Sofitel Manila)

Escape from the urban

Spending a long weekend with your mom becomes more special with Sofitel’s offers to indulge in the luxuries of life, away from the bustling city. A staycation for this year’s Mother’s Day celebration includes breakfast for two at Spiral, lunch at Le Bar, dinner at Sunset Bar, wellness treatments, and staying in the hotel’s beautiful suites. The rooms have balconies where you can witness the majestic views of the sunrise, sunset, and nighttime sky. There is also a mini bar for your afternoon or evening drinks while engaging in fun and earnest conversations with your mom.

Butcher’s Choice by Spiral offers the finest, marinated meat cuts, sausage varieties, and savory teppanyaki.
L’Epicerie features a wide selection of cheese and premium wine.

Mother’s Day at Spiral

Start your day with a breakfast buffet at Spiral. This is Sofitel’s restaurant divided into 21 ateliers. Each includes access to the kitchens to witness the masterful creation of recipes by seasoned culinary artisans. You can choose among the wide variety of sumptuous local and international cuisines and desserts. There are raw bars for sashimi, sushi, and other Japanese courses in traditional cooking styles like Obanzai. There are also Chinese Wok, Peking Duck Oven, and Steam Baskets that feature signature dishes from different regions of China. For fans of spicy treats, Korean, Thai, and Indian cuisines offer a range of flavorful curries, savory soups, premium barbecues, fresh kimchi, and other well-known dishes of these countries. For lovers of wine and cheese, L’Epicerie has a wide selection of fresh fromages and premium bottles of wine.

After having a global gastronomic feast, you can indulge in delightful desserts at La Patisserie, Chocolaterie, and Creamery. Sweet options include French pastries, truffles, artisanal chocolate treats in crayon and other geometric shapes, and soft serves mixed with fruity or citrus flavors. You and your mom will certainly find something new to taste and satisfy your appetite.

Spiral is open for Breakfast Buffet from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM; Lunch Buffet from 12:00 NN to 2:30 PM; and Dinner Buffet from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM.

Le Bar offers delightful snacks and cocktails.
Sunset Bar at night.
Sunset Bar‘s Kebab station and Barbecue Station.

Intimate Lunch and Barbecue Buffet

Apart from a wonderful breakfast at Spiral, you can have a delightful lunch at Le Bar. The special menu includes poached lobster, stuffed chicken, and miso-flavored tuna tartare. Cap it off with sugar-free lychee rose water strawberry cheesecake and mixed berries napoleons.

For dinner, have it at the hotel’s Sunset Bar. Vibrant stalls surround the area where you can enjoy the premium meats, grilled seafood, native desserts, and a selection of wines and cocktails. The outdoor bar offers a view of the ocean by day while the upbeat music and colorful lights at night add to the tropical garden paradise ambiance. After dinner, you and your mom can spend the rest of the evening at the comfortable seats out in the lush greenery overlooking the ocean. You can feel the warm breeze here and enjoy complete solitude with your beloved mom.

The Sunset Bar’s Mother’s Day Barbecue Buffet is available from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM.

Le SPA massage room.

End the day in ultimate comfort

With the hectic schedules of mothers, they certainly deserve a break. Invite your mom to a pampering session at Le SPA. The session includes a 2-hour wellness treatment, 1-hour Aruga massage, and 30-minute Mango Delight Scrub. You can choose from SoFit’s jacuzzi, steam, and sauna treatments to cleanse your skin and rejuvenate your body. You can also treat your mom at Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle. They offer aesthetic treatments like Rejuvenating Facial, Bodyscrub with Whitening, Vibrance Drip, and complimentary sessions of Ultralipo and Resolift. To complete your pampering, you can avail Nail Artisan’s classic manicure and pedicure. All these provide you and your mom a relaxing experience especially with the knowledge and expertise of the wellness team.

Make Mother’s Day celebration luxurious with a fun and ultimately soothing experience at Sofitel Philippine Plaza. Your long weekend staycation will definitely be memories to be treasured with your mom.

For booking inquiries, contact +63 (02) 832-6988, email [email protected], or visit www.sofitelmanila.com/ to get more information.

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