Staying Safe In High Style: Louis Vuitton Releases A Face Shield Worth $961

Louis Vuitton is among the many luxury brands responding to the need to prioritize safety in this pandemic without compromising style and elegance.

In navigating the new normal, a major part of it is following safety guidelines like wearing face masks and face shields before we go out. It became integrated into our routines that some even take time to consider which masks would pair well with certain outfits. As many brands and designers have released their own take on personal protective equipment (PPE), Louis Vuitton is not one to get left behind. In fact, it is among the pioneer of the high-fashion protective practice after announcing to release the first COVID-19 luxury face shields worth $961 as part of its 2021 Cruise collection.

(Photo from Dezeen)

Luxury’s take on PPE

As with most Louis Vuitton pieces, the face shield features the brand’s iconic monogram print. From the elastic headband that wraps around the wearer’s head to the shield with golden studs engraved with the Louis Vuitton logo, you would easily notice the signature elegance. Apart from protecting you from possible contact with the virus, the face shield can be transformed into a peaked hat. It has a transition lens technology so when you flip the shield upwards to form the hat, the screen automatically adjusts from clear to dark, depending on the degree of sunlight. This feature comes in handy as it protects you from the harsh sun rays.

Other luxury brands like Burberry, Fendi, and Christian Siriano have designed and released personal protective gear. You may have seen their face masks at the onset of the pandemic, each bearing their iconic prints. However, the Louis Vuitton face shield is the first of its kind, making it undoubtedly a much-anticipated purchase, especially for long-time fans of the brand. Of course, medical experts are quick to remind everyone that face shields only offer additional protection; you should still wear face masks underneath.

Some may criticize the price tag of this face shield, considering it an excess. However, if its design and technology started a high-fashion trend that can trickle down to the mainstream, encouraging everyone to continue wearing protective gear, are we still complaining?

Starting October 30, the face shield will be available in Louise Vuitton stores worldwide.

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