Zac Efron Gets His Star At The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

“High School Musical” alum Zac Efron proved that there’s not a star in heaven that he can’t reach, as he received the 2,767th Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce awarded High School Musical alum Zac Efron his very own Walk of Fame star. Efron received his star on Monday, December 11, alongside dear friends and mentors throughout the course of his career.

The actor showed incredible prowess in all his motion picture projects. He starred in 17 Again, That Awkward Moment, Neighbors, Hairspray, and The Iron Claw (December 2023), to name a few, aside from the High School Musical movies. 

Efron’s talent encompasses both film and television, making him one of Hollywood’s most sought-after talents.

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Honoring family and his career roots

Efron got bestowed the 2,767th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His co-stars Jeremy Allen White and Miles Teller, and writer-director of The Iron Claw Sean Durkin joined him and became speakers at the event.

Zac Efron got his Hollywood Walk of Fame star on December 11
Zac Efron got his Hollywood Walk of Fame star on December 11/Photo from Instagram @zacefron @jakecloobeck

His High School Musical family graced the ceremony too. Director Kenny Ortega and producer Bill Borden were in attendance as Efron received the prestigious recognition.

The actor paid tribute to Ortega’s films saying they have been instrumental as they propelled his career to the top. Efron popularized the iconic Troy Bolton, basketball superstar who doubled as a musical performer alongside Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens).

“I’m just eternally, eternally grateful. You have no idea,” he said in his speech. “I still think about it every day.” 

Zac Efron with his family during the actor’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony
Zac Efron with his family during the actor’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony/Photo from Instagram @zacefron @jakecloobeck

Zac Efron’s star is “overdue”

Teller, White, and Durkin said a few words that became a testament to Efron’s incredible talent and how he is as a friend.

“Hey buddy, how cool is this?” Teller asked his That Awkward Moment co-star affectionately before delivering his own speech dedicated to him. 

Efron’s co-star expressed that the star is “overdue” and told the crowd that it was his privilege to speak at the event. Teller added that the actor is more than deserving as he was a triple threat “with a combination of immense talent, incredible work ethic and above-average face.”

The actor’s The Iron Claw co-star White delivered his speech as well, saying that it’s as if Efron didn’t know he was a movie star. The event reminded everyone in attendance, and the actor as well, and put a big star in the ground “so he’ll never forget.” 

White added that the actor was kind, endlessly hardworking, and always supported co-cast members.

Sean Durkin, Miles Teller, and Jeremy Allen White joined Zac Efron as he received his star
Sean Durkin, Miles Teller, and Jeremy Allen White joined Zac Efron as he received his star/Photo from Instagram @zacefron @jakecloobeck

The Iron Claw director Durkin said he wanted to work with Efron for over a decade now. He mentioned that the actor’s versatility as a performer is incredible. His desire to do the work and his kindness set him apart from others.

Remembering Matthew Perry

Efron took the podium at last, addressing the crowd saying it was his honor to be there. He recounted that he started his career since he was young. Never in his “wildest dreams” did he think he’d be standing there with his own star.

Efron thanked his family, co-workers, and fans for the unending support and “who have been with him since day one.” He expressed that he was the lucky one for having been blessed with the most talented and creative people in his life.

The actor took a moment as well to remember the late Matthew Perry, who he got to work with in 17 Again. Efron explained that his collaboration with Perry and movie director Burr Steers pushed him into the next chapter of his career. “Thinking about you a lot today,” he lamented.

Zac Efron honored Matthew Perry in his speech

Efron showed appreciation and gratitude to the late actor as he was nothing but kind and generous to him. “Thank you so much, Matthew Perry,” Efron said.

Zac Efron’s Hollywood Hall Of Fame moment

Banner photo via Instagram @zacefron @jakecloobeck.

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