Discover Albert Andrada and Jezelle Amorado’s Touching Story

A story of a veteran fashion designer and his successful apprentice making a name for herself.

For most women, their wedding day is the culminating event of their lives. The thought of being eternally committed to the person you deem suitable to spend the rest of your life with is a dream come true. Entering an everlasting covenant is a special day that deserves to be remembered forever. 

Designers Albert Andrada and Jezelle Amorado made magic through their separate collections in the recently concluded Marry Me At Marriot. Andrada and Amorado are two of the six designers who showcased their collections at the event. However, the two designers took a different approach when they were designing their collections. 

Final walk of models in Marry Me Marriot
Final walk of models in Marry Me Marriott/Photo by Pix Republik Studios

Though Andrada and Amorado had different design codes, they share something deeper than similar aesthetics. The show highlighted a mentor-protogè relationship between Andrada and Amorado. 

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Sewn Connection 

The two designers’ relationship started at Raffles Design Institute Manila. Andrada was Amorados professor back then. Sadly, they had to part ways since the former needed to finish her studies at Raffles Design Institute Singapore. Though kilometers apart, their relationship did not waver. “He [Andrada] became my confidant and adviser and was a call away when I needed guidance with my school work,” she said.

The tenured Andrada, on the other hand, always believed in his student—he always had faith that Amorado will be a successful designer in her regard. “I was with her during her day first day in fashion school. I saw her potential of being a designer. And I remember telling her that she will be a great designer someday. As long as she focuses on her chosen craft,” Andrada reminisced. 

Andrada with his muses/Photo by Pix Republik Studios

It was also Andrada who offered Amorado her first job after coming back from Singapore. It was the time where the former was filled with doubts and uncertainty in her career. Her mentor helped her navigate the noise and pressure—eventually blossoming into a father-daughter relationship. “After I chose to go solo to pursue my own brand, he continued being my amazing mentor and now I fondly call him my fashion dad,” Amorado said.

When they were working together, Andrad can’t help but admire Amorado’s potential and talent. “There was one one time when she was still my assistant designer, we were watching a fashion show. I told her that “I pray that you become a successful designer,” the veteran designer said.

Shared Honor

As both designers shared a runway, their gratitude and love for each other is shown. “It feels surreal and a tremendous honor. Sir Albert is not just my mentor and to call him that is an understatement. He was the first person to actually believe that I was meant for this career,” Amorado exclaimed. 

Amorado with her muse Beatrice Gomez/Photo via Instagram @jezelle_hauteamorado

Andrada was brought to tears in the curtain call. As the tears fell down he realized that the successful designer who showcased her collection before him is his apprentice. “I felt that God has used me to fulfill someone’s dream,” the designer said. 

Banner photo by Pix Republik Studios.

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