Celebrate Indelible Moments With Edsa Shangri-La's Strictly RSVP

Celebrations by Edsa Shangri-La will launch Strictly RSVP in June, an events exhibit for weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations.

In a world filled with fleeting experiences, special moments with our loved ones are cherished now more than ever. Whether these may be birthdays, weddings, or other occasions, Celebrations by Edsa Shangri-La will ensure utmost dedication and commitment to deliver unforgettable instances with a new endeavor: Strictly RSVP.

Edsa Shangri-La is a luxurious, sophisticated oasis amidst the vibrant pulse of the metro. The venue provides the perfect backdrop for cherished milestones with your loved ones. With a team of seasoned professionals at your service, each aspect of your event would be meticulously curated, and all that you need to do is savor your time together with joy and tranquility.

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What is Strictly RSVP?

Edsa Shangri-La explained through a press release that they will stage their first experience expo. They designed it to showcase creative vision, talent, and inspired collaboration with renowned names from the industry. They presented the project as Strictly RSVP.

The experiential expo features a series of special packages and premium offers for celebrating urbanites, couples, and celebrators. 

The event will commence on June 1. The programs will happen at multiple locations within the premises, such as The M Room, Pool Bar: Oven, Fire Pit, Grill, and the Palawan and Isla Ballrooms. 

Strictly RSVP is a “by invitation only” for prospecting guests.

Debut celebrants will enjoy what Strictly RSVP’s @Eighteen has to offer
Debut celebrants will enjoy what Strictly RSVP’s @Eighteen has to offer

Events exhibited at Strictly RSVP

The multidimensional experience will feature esteemed names in styling, production, events, and entertainment. 

Participating suppliers are: Styled Events by Beng Villanueva, Royal Flower Shoppe by Gina Galang, Blooms Event Styling by Allen and JP, Kyno Kho, Nikki Chatto Floral Designs, Jo Claravall, and Flowers and Events by Teddy Manuel.

Strictly RSVP will include these celebrations on their much-awaited expo:

Kids’ Lab

Kids’ Lab will cater to young VIPs, and will be in for an absolute treat. Edsa Shangri-La will transport them from interactive land adventures to a whimsical world that will tickle their senses. The M Room enlivens through the work of Styled Events by Beng Villanueva. It will be filled with fun bites, colorful concoctions, entertainment stations, and an animated program that will be enjoyable for kids and tweens. The occasion will be from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Strictly RSVP’s The Big Bash is great for anyone celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or a work milestone
Strictly RSVP’s The Big Bash is great for anyone celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or a work milestone

The Big Bash

Edsa Shangri-La designed Strictly RSVP’s The Big Bash for birthday celebrants, couples with upcoming anniversaries, or working professionals who are about to reach a milestone. Guests will enjoy every stop as the Palawan Ballroom transforms into an inviting space filled with cocktails, small bites, feasts, and dinner entertainment. With the creative touch of Gina Galang, The Big Bash will become the epitome of fun come June 1st. The event is from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

@Eighteen, Ting Hun, and Me & You

These three experiences let guests enter the world of life’s next chapters from young adults, betrothed couples preparing for forever, up to actually committing to everlasting love. The Isla Ballroom will metamorphose into themed contrasts with the help of Blooms Event Styling by Allen and JP, Nikki Chatto Floral Designs, Kyno Kho, Jo Claravall, and Flowers and Events by Teddy Manuel. Invited guests would indulge in a dinner reception followed by a meet and greet with the visionary creatives who could be part of your significant moments. @Eighteen, Ting Hun, and Me & You of Strictly RSVP will be on the same day, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Inspiring generations of celebrations

Edsa Shangri-La aims to bring people closer together through Strictly RSVP. Through the experiential expo, people will organize more intentional and curated occasions that would be one for the books. Guests will enjoy more than a glimpse of the hotel’s offerings through the sensory soirée.

“We cordially invite you to be part of a groundbreaking experience expo which promises to inspire generations of celebrations,” Edsa Shangri-La remarked. 

Visit www.shangri-la.com/manila/edsashangrila or email [email protected] for more information and inquiries.

Photos from Edsa Shangri-La.

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