A Peek At Last Week's Latest Fashion Gems

We’re here to keep you in the know – whether it’s a fresh spin on inspiration or a burst of runway brilliance, we’ve got the latest in fashion waiting for you!

In the whirlwind of daily life, it’s easy to lose track of the ever-evolving world of fashion. 

We understand – you’ve had a lot on your plate. But don’t worry! We’re here to bridge the gap and bring you up to speed on the latest style happenings. 

Last week, Fendi redefined inspiration and Jimmy Choo rocked the runway with a burst of sunny style, making it a rollercoaster in the fashion realm. 

So, sit back, relax, and let us catch you up on the chic highlights you might have missed.

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Fendi’s Men’s Collection: Breaking Fashion Boundaries

In a display of highland-inspired menswear during Milan Fashion Week, Silvia Venturini Fendi, the brand’s director of accessories and menswear, drew inspiration from an unexpected muse–Princess Anne. 

According to ABC News, Fendi delved into an aristocratic family’s hope chest, adorning heirlooms with details typically reserved for the feminine domain. 

The result: a gender-busting collection fit for a modern-day royal striding through the highlands.

Describing Princess Anne as “the chicest woman in the world,” Venturini Fendi admired her ability to maintain femininity while donning a uniform, an epitome of masculinity. 

The Fall-Winter 2024-25 collection showcased generous overcoats, leather wellies, and rumpled cloche hats. 

The color palette was reminiscent of a rainy day in the highlands–moss, brown, slate gray, maroon, cornflower blue, and mustard.

Photos via Fendi’s official website

Venturini Fendi’s ingenuity blurred the lines between masculinity and femininity, tradition and contemporary streetwear. 

The runway exuded a casual, off-duty vibe. Jackets were often casually flung over arms, signaling the end of the day’s work. 

Following the recent Milan trend, the Fendi logo made a subtle appearance as a geometric repeat pattern on checked double-Fs or covering a portable music speaker in collaboration with French brand Devialet.

Venturini Fendi emphasized the collection’s focus on longevity and creating heirlooms, stating, “to underline garments for life, not use and throw away.”

“I liked the idea of breaking barriers, breaking the masculine and feminine codes, that don’t exist anymore. They shouldn’t exist anymore,’’ Venturini Fendi said as per ABC News

Silvia Venturini Fendi with mother Anna Fendi/Photo via Instagram @silviaventurinifendi

Kristin Davis Stars in Jacquemus Video

Good Morning America reports a surprising fashion moment featuring Kristin Davis, best known as Charlotte York from Sex And The City.

In a video for Jacquemus, Davis channels her And Just Like That… character, showcasing a gray V-neck top with pure delight.

Photo via Instagram @iamkristindavis

The video captures the satisfying experience of opening the box, with the narrator describing the sound of fabric neatly unfolding and knitwear being caressed. 

Davis, in true Charlotte form, is seen embracing the cashmere sweater with joy, eventually tying it around her shoulders. 

While details about Davis’ involvement with Jacquemus are scarce, the video hints at her role in the brand’s upcoming “The Sculptures” fashion show on Jan. 29, presenting the Fall/Winter 2024 collection.

Photo via Instagram @iamkristindavis

Burberry’s Pre-Fall 2024 Collection

Hypebeast highlights the return of Daniel Lee with Burberry’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection, a celebration of the brand’s heritage and evolving signatures. 

The collection, defined as “relaxed elegance,” features classic muted tones, traditional earthy hues, and a fresh take on the iconic Burberry Check.

Photo via Instagram @burberry
Photo via Instagram @burberry

The collection introduces easy proportions and light textiles, with trench coats flowing dramatically in silk twill and wool. 

Knitwear features high-neck sweaters and blanket scarves donning the Equestrian Knight motif.

In footwear, the Equestrian Stirrup boots steal the spotlight, designed for the outdoors in knee-high and ankle-cut versions. 

Boulder Boots, made from rubber, showcase the Burberry Check on their side panels, while Log shoes boast a suede finish.

Jimmy Choo’s Spring 2024 Campaign

According to WWD, Jimmy Choo‘s spring 2024 campaign is set in Ibiza, Spain. It captures model Vivienne Rohner strolling the cobbled streets with her Jimmy Choo shoes and bags.

Photo via Instagram @stas_komarovski_studio

Photographed by Stas Komarovski, known for his work with Ralph Lauren and Moncler, the campaign unveils reworked styles.

Featured styles include the sleek micro-heeled Amos. The knee-high boot Blake boasts the signature Jimmy Choo Avenue motif. 

Photo via Instagram @jimmychoo

Jimmy Choo’s campaign transports us to the sun-soaked Mediterranean, with comfort taking center stage alongside impeccable style. 

Banner photo via Instagram @burberry.

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