Designer Bags For Your Professional School Journey

These handbags aren’t just fashion-forward, they are also functional enough for your academic adventures.

August usually marks a start of a new school year. Moreover, beginning a new academic year means replenishing your school supplies—together with buying a new bag that would fit all your new school gear. Choosing the perfect bag for a new school year is a passage every student takes, especially post-graduate students.

Elevate your style this new school year by making these luxury bags your everyday school bag. Plan your outfits around these bags, and you will surely stand out from the crowd. Ranging from canvas tote bags to leather hobo bags, these designer brands made sure that these bags are ready to take on the higher-academic world with you. 

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Hermès Garden Party 

One of the easier bags to get from the Hermès, this tote bag is a perfect carry-on for med classes. Wide and deep enough to carry a laptop and a few books, the Garden Party doesn’t sacrifice style with its functionality. Sleek and understated, the Hermès design codes never disappoint. Furthermore, carrying this bag makes you feel one step closer to getting that M.D. extension on your name.

Garden Party in black
Garden Party in black/ Photo via Hermès website

Polène Cyme 

From a designer contemporary brand that made waves in the luxury bags industry this year, the Polène Cyme is a versatile carry-on. The bag has a unique shape that would be perfect for students who bring only their tablets and essential items to school. Spacious yet elegant, the handbag elevates a simple corporate-esque MBA outfit.

Cyme in textured caramel
Cyme in textured caramel/ Photo via Polène website

Louis Vuitton On The Go

A flashy tote bag that is not the Neverfull. The On The Go is an updated alternative for a school bag. It lives up to its name—the bag can be carried when you are on the go for a busy school day. Furthermore, the tote structure of the bag allows it to store many things up to the brim of the bag, perfect for busy post-graduate students.

OnTheGo GM
OnTheGo GM/ Photo via Louis Vuitton website

Prada Leather Tote

You can never go wrong with a durable leather tote bag and the Prada Leather Tote is an ideal carry-on. Despite its unstructured stature, the handbag is wide and deep enough to be filled with educational materials. A handy tablet or a thin laptop would surely fit the bag, even pocket-sized codals for law students can fit the bag.

Leather tote bag
Leather tote bag/ Photo via Prada website

Goyard Saint Louis GM

A staple for every university “it” girl, the famous Goyard tote is a tried and tested school bag. The bag comes in many colors, giving buyers options to buy a bag that fits their aesthetic. Furthermore, the coated canvas, a signature of the brand, also proves to be a durable material perfect for classes of any types.

Saint Louis GM bag
Saint Louis GM bag/ Photo via Goyard website

Banner photo via Instagram @legallyblondemovies.

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