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Sub-Zero has harnessed space tech for out-of-this-world food preservation

Sub-Zero’s designer refrigeration allows your unit to fully disappear into the room’s décor. View them in their virtual showroom here.

Imagine this: you go to the supermarket and buy garden-fresh fruits and vegetables. You stow them in the fridge to keep them firm, only to see they’ve become spoilt after just a few days. Into the garbage they go, and you’re left wondering how they have wilted so quickly. Many fresh food like apples emit ethylene gas—a natural compound released by ripening fruits that unfortunately hastens spoilage for other nearby produce. While ethylene gas is good for your sweetening apple, it is actually one of the reasons why your other fresh produce easily wilt. Typical air purification features inside a fridge can do nothing to protect food from this invisible threat. 

The Air Purification Cartridge, found in all Sub-Zero refrigerators, uses NASA-based technology.

Addressing this common concern, luxury refrigeration brand Sub-Zero has looked beyond the horizon for an extraordinary solution. To keep your leafy greens and fruits at peak crispness, Sub-Zero has modified its antimicrobial air purification system using NASA innovation. Each fridge has a small air purification cartridge that harnesses the power of NASA technology, scaled down to a handy box. Every 20 minutes, the cartridge efficiently scrubs the air clean of not just viruses, molds, and odors, but also of ethylene gas. This brings food conservation light-years ahead of the usual charcoal filter system.

Extend the shelf life of your produce with Sub-Zero refrigeration.

As the category market leader and industry pacesetter, Sub-Zero doesn’t look to follow what others are doing. Instead, they bring the innovations to the field as pioneers by finding brilliant and effective ways to get something done. For decades, the refrigeration brand has set out to honor fresh food and prolong its value, so it could be enjoyed in homes all over. By achieving optimum humidity, the perfect temperature, and advanced air purification, Sub-Zero creates the ideal environment for freshness to thrive. 

With 75 years of tradition and excellence, Sub-Zero sets the standard for freshness, serving the needs of the most discerning individuals around the globe.

To learn more, browse Sub-Zero and Wolf’s website or follow them on Instagram. You can also visit their 360° virtual showroom for a 3D look and feel of their units. For inquiries, email [email protected] or book a virtual consultation or showroom appointment here. Sub-Zero and Wolf are exclusively distributed by Focus Global Inc.

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