Sula Spirits' Cocktails Elevating the 2023 Lifestyle Asia Gala

Whether it’s a ceremonial affair or a casual dinner by the lake, festive libations that sit well with the theme might just be the secret to hosting an elegant gala

The Lifestyle Asia Gala hangover is in full swing, and we’re not ready to come down from the high just yet. Back again for the first time in nearly five years, this most anticipated social event was set to memorialize once more our guests of honor’s generosity, goodwill, and compassion for humanity, with this year’s theme being “Lifestyle Asia Gala: A Dinner by the Lake.” A far cry from the flamboyant and ceremonial events, the 2023 gala commenced in a quiet, modest fashion, setting aside the high heels for woven mules, the oxfords for sneakers, and the ball gowns and black ties for loungewear. Even the cocktails served therein fit the bill.

Renowned resort owner Cassey Yap drinking Sky and Sand cocktail from Sula Spirits

Presented by Sula Spirits, a homegrown liqueur brand, the drinks were created to be as genuine and uplifting as the Filipino humanitarian advocates in the room—and they were. The menu demonstrated an array of tropical-inspired cocktails that were “hand-crafted with the finest cacao nibs from Davao City, coconuts from San Pablo City, Laguna, and coffee beans from Batangas, Benguet, and Quezon Province,” as Sula Spirits’ Head Bartender describes.

Ahead, we’ve put together a list of the mixology that showcased a unique flavor profile and stepped the affair’s elegance and sophistication up a notch.  

1. Sky and Sand

The Sky and Sand cocktail from Sula Spirits being made at the bar

This luscious blend of SULA Coconut Liqueur, SULA Coffee Liqueur, coconut water, and mint, encapsulates the enchanting and untouched island gems in the Philippines. Reminiscent of the seaside and the glistening waves at the shoreline, the Sky and Sand cocktail is a sweet beach holiday evening in a glass adorned with ground coconut “sand”.

2. Spicy Emotion

The Spicy Emotion cocktail from Sula Spirits topped with red chili

Bringing a little heat to the party is a decadent concoction of Spicy Emotion. This rich and dark cocktail was the perfect after-dinner treat that elevated the evening to a new realm of refined pleasure—tantalizing the guests’ palate with the bold kick of vodka, the velvety notes of chocolate, and the savory warmth of the chili. 

3. Espresso Martini

The Espresso Martini from Sula Spirits being poured into a martini glass

Imagine the robust essence of freshly brewed espresso in fusion with the silky embrace of vodka and the subtle sweetness of SULA coffee liqueur. Whether enjoyed at the bar or at the dimly lit lounge, the Espresso Martini was a sensory experience of aromas and complex flavors. It was a chic statement shaken and poured into a glass to embody the balance of energy and indulgence throughout the night.

4. Melon Colada

The Melon Colada cocktail from Sula Spirits adorned with sliced melon fruit

A journey in every sip, this sweeter and more fragrant take on the Piña Colada had transported the patrons to a paradise of swaying palms. From mild sweetness of the melon hits first, followed by the slightly nutty richness of the coconut and the gentle punch of rum, all harmonized by the SULA Coconut Liqueur, each moment with Melon Colada is an invitation to bask in the carefree spirit of the Filipino tropics no matter where you are.

The Sula Spirits bar at the Lifestyle Asia Gala 2023

Sula Spirits is a homegrown liqueur brand that is committed to quality, community, and environmental sustainability. To discover more flavors, follow Sula Spirits on Instagram.


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