Compact Bags You Can Use On The Daily

These luxury designer bags hold more than your average daily needs. 

Mini bags are the go-to styles for those who want to elevate their style. On the other hand, some people prefer to carry functional yet stylish bags that serve their purpose—holding everything you need for the day. Sometimes whether to bring a mini or a big bag is a tough decision. 

Unbeknownst to many, there is a resolve for the bag size dilemma. Some bags are seemingly small but are spacious enough to hold your needs and sometimes even more, These designer bags are compact but surprisingly hold a decent amount of things for the daily. 

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Bottega Veneta Jodie

A cult favorite in the mini size, the teen and small size iteration of this bag deserves more attention. The size is not overwhelmingly big or small; thus, perfect for styling outfits. But what is surprising is how much it holds. The bag sports a hobo-like silhouette, making it flexible and expandable.

Inkwell Jodie in size small
Inkwell Jodie in size small/Photo via Bottega Veneta website

Dior Bobby 

The understated option for Dior crossbody bags, the Dior Bobby fits more than the regular crossbody bag. The spacious but compact also sports the hobo silhouette but the clean lines and structure separates it from the rest. The bag also has multiple pockets inside and outside the bag. 

Black Dior Bobby in medium
Black Dior Bobby in medium/Photo via Dior website

Prada Cleo

Another shoulder bag, the Prada Cleo is a structured masterpiece. The shape of the bag allows it to have a spacious compartment while looking small. The bag also has a wide opening, which makes putting items in the bag easier.

Prada Cleo
Prada Cleo/Photo via Prada website

Hermès Evelyne

Tried and tested, the Hermès Evelyne fits your everyday needs and more. The bag has a spacious main compartment and a front pocket that is equally spacious. Carrying the bag around wouldn’t also be a challenge since its thick crossbody straps are ergonomic.

Different kinds of Hermès Evelyne
Different kinds of Hermès Evelyne/Photo via Hermès website

Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis

One of the classic designs from Louis Vuitton, the Pochette Métis is a crowd favorite for a reason. The bag has an accordion style that gives you three separate compartments. There is also a back pocket in the bag you can use for items you need to grab quickly. 

Pochette Métis in black Empreinte
Pochette Métis in black Empreinte/Photo via Louis Vuitton website

Banner photo by Godisable Jacob via Pexels.

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