Embrace Your Style With These Five Cardigan Picks

Stay warm during rainy days with these stylish designer cardigans.

As the rainy season begins, the temperature drops—and the air gets cooler. Chilly and breezy days are ahead, wearing a light cardigan to protect yourself from the cold is a must. Stylish, easy, and comfortable cardigans are must-haves in your closet. 

Choosing the perfect cardigan to add to your wardrobe is a difficult choice. Various materials, sizes, and colors make deciding what to buy challenging. These cardigans from different designers are tailored for people with different styles and aesthetic preferences. 

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Thom Browne

The Thom Browne cashmere cardigan is perfect for those with a preppy aesthetic. Coming from a brand known for exquisite tailoring, this cashmere cardigan fits like a warm tight hug. Also, the cardigan’s design is also understated—the classic silhouette combined with the four-bar detail on the right sleeve conveys the bourgeois aesthetic effectively.

Light gray classic v-neck cardigan from Thom Browne
Light gray classic v-neck cardigan/Photo via Thom Browne website


The Celinè jacket in Heritage Cashmere is a cardigan that exudes femininity. Adorned with delicate sewn details along the hems of the cardigan, the cashmere jacket makes a casual outfit turn into a chic look. The cardigan gives a dainty silhouette, softening the body line of the wearer.

Cardigan jacket in heritage cashmere Celine
Cardigan jacket in heritage cashmere/Photo via Celine website

The Row

Oversized and floor-length, The Row’s Alexia cardigan is perfect for laidback outfits. Moreover, the cardigan is not only stylish but also comfortable because it is made of linen and silk. The floor-length style and the material, make the cardigan a suitable option for cold and lazy days.

Alexia Cardigan in Linen and Silk The Row
Alexia Cardigan in Linen and Silk/Photo via The Row website

Loro Piana

Lore Piana is a brand known for creating capsule clothing from the best possible materials. The quiet luxury brand’s cashmere cardigan is no exception to the brand’s identity. Furthermore, the cardigan is a soft-touch finish for a cozy outfit since it’s made of 100% baby cashmere.

Classic cardigan in baby cashmere Loro Piana
Classic cardigan in baby cashmere/Photo via Loro Piana website

Issey Miyake

Who says you can’t be edgy and warm at the same time? The Issey Miyake Pleats Please April Cardigan gives you warmth while still making a fashion statement. Made of delicately pleated polyester—the cardigan elevates any outfit it is paired with.

April cardigan in gray Issey Miyake
April cardigan in gray/Photo via Issey Miyake website

Banner photo by Mikhail Nilov via Pexels.

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