The Most Expensive Bed Set Money Can Buy—Totaling $459,900

A $400,000 bed that took people 600 hours to make, a $57,500 pillow with 24K gold cover, and $2,400 bespoke Egyptian cotton sheets make for one of the priciest bedroom setups in the world. 

How much would you pay for a goodnight’s sleep? They say money can’t buy everything, but perhaps purchasing the most expensive bed, pillow, and bedsheets in the world can create peaceful nights unlike any other.

In total, the whole ensemble would cost you roughly $459,000—but is it worth it? We’ll let you decide. Read on to find out what makes these bedroom pieces so valuable:

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The Grand Vividus by Hästens

American rapper and singer Drake was the first to purchase Hästens’ Grand Vividus bed, as per Robb Report. People know it as the most expensive bed on the market, and for good reason. The employees at Hästens took 600 hours to assemble the piece by hand—and they’re the only people in the world who know how to. 

The Grand Vividus in “Black Shadow”
The Grand Vividus in “Black Shadow”/Photo from the Hästens website

The Swedish furniture brand collaborated with designer Ferris Rafauli to bring the bed to life. It comes in four color variations, namely “Black Shadow,” “Phantom Charcoal,” “Traditional Blue,” and “Natural Shale,” which all look incredibly sophisticated. 

The Grand Vividus in “Traditional Blue”
The Grand Vividus in “Traditional Blue”/Photo from the Hästens website

As for materials, Hästens upholstered the bed’s sleek headboard with “luxurious mohair,” while its padding uses a blend of horsetail hair, cotton, and wool for maximum comfort. The touch of horsehair makes sense, considering how Hästens started as a saddle manufacturer before moving onto furniture that used horsehair—hence the horse on its logo. 

The Grand Vividus in “Natural Shale”
The Grand Vividus in “Natural Shale”/Photo from the Hästens website

So, is the bed actually comfortable? Drake said “the bed lets you float” when describing it in a feature for Architectural Digest. So if it’s good enough for the Champagne Papi, it’s probably up to par. 

Tailormade Pillow Gold Edition by Thijs van der Hilst

The Tailormade Pillow “Gold Edition” is the most expensive pillow you’ll ever rest your head on, with a jaw-dropping price of $57,500. Thijs van der Hilst, a Dutch physical therapist, wanted to create a pillow that’s tailor-molded to fit the head of its owner. According to Robb Report, van der Hilst uses an algorithm he developed himself and 3D scanning to get precise measurements before having them printed on Dutch memory foam.

The Tailormade Pillow “Gold Edition”
The Tailormade Pillow “Gold Edition”/Photo from the Tailormade Pillow website

Another factor that explains the pillow’s price is its fabric choices, which include Mulberry silk, Egyptian cotton, and Egyptian cotton, and cooling Tencel. Adding to its price tag is a 24K gold cover, which supposedly blocks electromagnetic radiation—like lights and radio waves—for a healthier sleep. What’s more, its zipper has a 22.5-carat sapphire and four diamonds embedded onto it. The physical therapist’s creation proves that anything can be elevated, even the humble pillow. 

Another view of the Tailormade Pillow “Gold Edition,” which van der Hilst makes through 3D scanning and algorithms
Another view of the Tailormade Pillow “Gold Edition,” which van der Hilst makes through 3D scanning and algorithms/Photo from the Tailormade Pillow website

Charlotte Thomas “Bespoke” Sheets

No bed setup is complete without good sheets to keep you warm and comfortable. English brand Charlotte Thomas takes this to a whole new level with its “Bespoke” sheets that promise a truly inimitable sleeping experience. 

The “Lucinda” collection from Charlotte Thomas
The “Lucinda” collection from Charlotte Thomas/Photo from the Charlotte Thomas website

As per The Richest, these special sheets cost around $2,400 and sport a high thread count of 1000. Upgraded Home added that the brand crafts the sheets from a blend of Egyptian cotton and Merino wool—probably some of the most expensive fabrics out there due to their unique properties and feel. Just when you think things couldn’t get any more sophisticated, the sheets’ fabric also has 22K gold threads. 

The “Amelie” collection from Charlotte Thomas
The “Amelie” collection from Charlotte Thomas/Photo from the Charlotte Thomas website

Charlotte Thomas’ unique creation isn’t mass produced, but rather, made by hand to client specifications. An order can take around 12 weeks to complete, but it may be well worth the wait considering how the brand has produced some of the finest bed sheets money can buy. 

Banner photo from the Hästens website

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