The Rolling Stones Releases New Album, “Hackney Diamonds”

English rock band The Rolling Stones released their new album on October 20. They titled the new album “Hackney Diamonds” which features 12 new songs.

English rock band The Rolling Stones released their new album Hackney Diamonds on Friday. The album earned the band one of its best, phenomenal reviews in decades as per Reuters

The Rolling Stones held a private album launch in New York on Thursday before it hit streaming sites on Friday.

Lead singer Mick Jagger teased that they missed New York launches so much that it motivated them to do another album. 

The Rolling Stones consists of three core members: Jagger and guitarists Keith Richards and Ron Wood. The band’s longtime drummer Charlie Watts died in 2021.

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The Rolling Stones, the “greatest rock and roll band in the world”

The band first formed in London, self-proclaiming that they are the “greatest rock and roll band in the world.” 

The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones/Photo via Instagram @therollingstones

They popularized delivering genre-defining Hot 100 hits with “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” “Brown Sugar,” and “Start Me Up.” Their songs and performances earned them their greatest rock and roll title.

Jagger and Richards’ “push and pull” in the band became fundamental to their character and their version of rock music.

Hackney Diamonds features ‘Sweet Sounds’ from star-studded collabs

The rock band’s Hackney Diamonds is their first original album in about 18 years. 

The Rolling Stones’ new album, Hackney Diamonds
The Rolling Stones’ new album, Hackney Diamonds/Photo via Instagram @therollingstones

Hackney Diamonds consists of 12 songs, with collaborations with Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, and Elton John.

The song “Sweet Sounds of Heaven from the new album featured Gaga and Wonder. The Rolling Stones highlighted McCartney’s bass in their new song “Bite My Head Off.” John’s piano talent got showcased in the songs “Get Close and “Live By The Sword,” both on the new album.

The band’s longtime bassist Bill Wyman also returned for an appearance in the song “Live By The Sword”. The song also featured Watts’ drumming before he died. 

The Rolling Stones explains title, Hackney Diamonds, in private New York launch

The rock band launched their new album at the Racket NYC club. They sang seven of their new songs for hundreds of cheering fans. 

This is not the band’s first time holding a New York-centric launch. They held launches previously at Fifth Avenue on a flatbed truck, and another instance on a caboose at Grand Central terminal.

Gaga graced the private launch party as the closing act, singing “Sweet Sounds of Heaven” with The Rolling Stones. Gaga and Jagger copied each other’s dance moves as they sang in harmony.

She and Jagger wowed the crowd with their electrifying performance of their gospel-tinged track, “Sweet Sounds of Heaven.” The crowd seemed to empower the performance as well, as they matched the performers’ energies. 

Mick Jagger singing with Lady Gaga in The Rolling Stones’ launch party
Mick Jagger singing with Lady Gaga in The Rolling Stones’ launch party/Photo via Instagram @gagaessentials

Jagger explained the album name further and said the title was slang for broken glass. 

The album ends with their 12th song “Rolling Stone Blues.” It is a Muddy Waters song that Jaggers and Richard covered that inspired the band’s name. 

Banner photo via Instagram @therollingstones.

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