Tastemaker Picks: A Look at the Gift Set Cheryl Tiu Put Together For Dear Friends Who Share Her Love for Miami - LA Lives

It includes everything from a dining set, empanadas and the new Miami Espresso.

For Cheryl Tiu, a cup of coffee isn’t just something to wake you up and get you ready for the day, it’s a moment, an experience, and opportunity to breathe.

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“A great cup of coffee can bring people together. A time to pause from the rush of everyday life and hyper-social media days, to just breathe and inhale ‘real’ life,” she says.

Tiu’s gifts for her friends are carried in a beach bag

As the journalist, multimedia personality, and F&B consultant puts it, it “reminds us to be present, and is an opportunity to slow down, sip, and catch up with who and what’s important to you, which sometimes we tend to forget as we go about our day-to-day.”

A cup is also a way to connect with friends. For example, Tiu, who is now based in Miami, has partnered with Nespresso to curate a gift set for dear friends who have fond memories of the coastal metropolis.

On her list were foodies Jin Perez and Pepper Teehankee, lawyer Karen Jimeno, jeweler Nicole Whisenhunt, who was with her at the 2021 Art Basel in Miami Beach, and entrepreneur Pia Campos with whom Cheryl met up for dinner at The Standard Miami Beach.

Carried in a beach bag, keepsakes were handpicked to make for a virtual vacation from Manila to Miami: a dining set that speaks the city’s tropic vibe, widely-loved empanadas and key lime pies, and a candle with a scent that reminds of the beautiful destination.

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Zest and exuberance

Include in the gift set are Nespresso’s Lume espresso cup, and the limited edition World Explorations Miami Espresso. Nespresso’s newest addition to its World Explorations range, the limited edition Miami Espresso blends Arabica and Robusta coffees that highlight delightfully roasted, woody, and cereal notes.

World Explorations embodies the diversity of local coffee cultures, allowing one to explore the world through a cup of coffee, even while at home. It was launched in the Philippines in early 2021 with a permanent lungo (long coffee) line, and the arrival of Miami Espresso marks the start of the brand’s expansion to the range by adding espresso blends.

Nespresso Miami Espresso

This new coffee takes inspiration from none other than the Magic City itself which is known for spectacular sunsets and eclectic cuisine. It aims to acquaint its drinkers with the Miami locals’ way of drinking coffee as a celebration of life and how they enjoy it best with company.

Being someone who has coffee as part of her lifestyle, the limited edition Miami Espresso turns out to be what Tiu looks for in a cup–a well-balanced coffee with a personal preference for cereal and earthier notes, especially when paired with fresh-out-of-the-oven empanadas or croquetas for a light breakfast, or afternoon pick-me-up.

An affirmation of her love for the city, Cheryl says, “While the neighborhoods of Miami Beach, Wynwood, Downtown and Coconut Grove all exude different personalities—they all have a unifying exuberance and zest for life.”

For more on Nespresso’s World Explorations Miami Espresso, visit nespresso.ph.

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